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Monday, October 18, 2021


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Andabata THor

First of all CHUWI is a chinese brand that in its past tried to imitate the "famous" fruitful brand. So the quality level is very accetable, f.e. the case is alluminium with very thin tollerances.
It is not Android but bears Windows 10 with Intel Celeron N4100 4 x 2.4 GHz, Gemini Lake, Intel UHD Graphics 600 (sometime 605 if you are lucky) RAM DDR4 6144 MB Dual-Channel, display 1920 x 1200 pixel 224 PPI, capacitive 10 IPS 10.1 inches. So we are in the specs to have low settings on SL but sufficient to resist in crowded sim (sure with 4-5 frames but you can chat, take snapshots and move...).
I have put on the tablet Clear Linux by Intel the most powerful Linux distribution (caveat: Clear Linux will erase Windows, not dual boot). All programs and libraries on Clear Linux are compilated with aggressive flags, (apart you can install LL viewer or FS), the touchscreen and the keyboard on screen work (generally I find more functional the phisyc keyboard).
I have a 40 Mb internet connection but 4G so with fiber and a good wi-fi router the stability can improve.
According to me Intel hardware (originally thought for Windows) and Linux distribution by Intel make the difference...
If someone is interested to try the installation on a similar windows tablet with these specs I willingly... will help. Contact me in world.

(Thank you Wagner for your invaluable help over these long years at SL, both as Linden and as a Journalist)

Wagner James Au

Thanks much and thanks for the info!

Maxxi Pastorelli

Good work, Andabata THor.
But I have a question for you; what happens if the Chinese stuff explodes while you are on SL ? Do you get stuck in virtual world or can you come back to real one ?
Have you also arranged a sort of rescue system to come back ?

Andabata Thor

Maxxi Pastorelli, a plague in both worlds ... :)
The Chinese stuff might explode like your favorite, famous brand that's built in ... China after all!
(Next Monday I'll meet you in RL, remember ...)
I want to add that probably Surface 4 with Windows 11 could also be a candidate for access on the SL via tablet without touching the original OS. After all I tried Windows 10 on the glorious CHUWI for a couple of hours and managed to get into SL and be left with thirty percent less frames than Linux setup; furthermore the Chuwi tablet indicated by Wagner James Au is definitely more powerful than mine ...

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