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Thursday, October 21, 2021


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Erik Wall resident

A big part of SL acceptance/growth problem is fairly simple. The learning curve is STEEP. A newcomer with lower tech skills has a hard time sticking around. look up the number of players with less then 7 days/15 hours play time and you will see a huge drop out rate there.
Newcomer zones help but better tutorials in world and out, a welcome wagon, the old user guides would be good again and perhaps somehow sliming of the actual system in SL, that's a big ask and I'm not sure it's possible.

My personal thought is a HUGE opportunity to expand the player base is quickly going by, Covid forced folks online and telling people about a VIRTUAL SOCIAL NETWORK they could join. Get all the social bits you are missing in real life in SL. Clubs, schools, shopping, work and more. All this WAS HERE and could have been ramped up. Its a shame a bit of advertising wasn't aimed at this when it was an even more opportune timing.

That said it is still here, still moving on and still growing in its own way. Freeing up space on servers(or getting new ones) for new land, making more community space on mainland and cleaning up dead zones on mainland would be nice too.

So much potential and part of the realization of potential is timing and I think a golden one is slipping by.


A very interesting interview... and who can forget Facebook's determination to wipe accounts for avatars? (You have a nice voice.)

Wagner James Au

Aw thanks! And yeah pretty ironic Facebook tried wiping out avatars. But I guess they gave up enforcing that because I'm FB friends with thousands of SL avatars on Facebook now.

Loz Hyde

Awesome interview, great to finally hear your story and put the voice to the pic :)

Loz from SL

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