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Monday, October 04, 2021


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Jerom Franzic

Yes, I agree with your points. No, I'm not Mr. Franzic... my SL persona is female. (The RL guy running her show... that's a different story LOL, let's not go there but he does adore his SL creation quite a bit, she is a lovely, benevolent matriarch* of sorts ^_^)

My only issue with running SL at all on the steam deck is the screen. It's too small for SL, and I'd be reduced to keeping the viewing distance to about 96m because of that limitation. I'd miss out on all the intricate detailing of lots of things, especially when I lounge on a nice sim and people watch for a few minutes unless I'm constantly using the zoom mode from the camera movement HUD.

Unless SL is optimized for viewing on a smaller screen... I do recall trying Lumiya a few times but it's useless these days. My BoM avis don't look great on it + it's hard to move around in world when I use Lumiya.

Thanks for referring to my comment, I appreciate it.

(*matriarch to her alts, not anyone else ATM)

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