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Tuesday, November 16, 2021


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i guess my man has never heard of roblox


For the record, the 2 dollar a month stuff is obsolete information. Everyone gets the island for free, and you can make new creations for free as well, in fact you can make money from them.

I have heard of Roblox, but as my son is permanently grounded from it, I can't exactly use it... but you mentioning it here is still relevant. Roblox, of you can tolerate the graphics style, is another thing that beats Second Life like a red-headed stepchild.


One thing I want to mention is that SL attracts many women because it is like playing a virtual version of Barbie. You may laugh but look at the all the clothing options on marketplace and you will know that what I say is true. Second life has become inundated with females or those pretending to be females. I do agree that LL needs to do something about their coding or whatever, in order to improve performance. I won't buy another computer just so I can be inworld since I can't seem to find any that are good enough within my price range ( up to 1300 US$) I just bought another gaming one with updated everything and more memory but still have some issues. So, Lindens, listen up... get it together on your end NOW.. FIGURE out what needs to be done and DO IT!! Otherwise, I will also leave behind the small fortune I have spent on my inventory for all my avi's. Peace out.

Adeon Writer

No custom avatar models is a hard pass for me.

I don’t fault them for not supporting it, I’ll just go to the platforms that allow it.


Everything has pros and cons. Second Life, despite the issues, still has a few pros. But it's always a good idea to check out your competitors' pros too, before they overtake you in every area. I'd be glad if LL surprises me, but I don't expect that too much.

As for Firestorm, I'm not sure if they "AGGRESSIVELY hate modern conveniences" in itself. Phoenix was an option for those who didn't like or couldn't adapt to the LL Viewer V2 interface: that was their target user. Therefore, Phoenix and then Firestorm has always been conservative by default, although you can customize Firestorm. Still, for newcomers isn't great, keybinding is awkward, and it's kind of sad when people paste SLURLs to the nearby chat, unaware that you can enable the navigation/address bar in Firestorm too, and then maybe they get upset if someone follows them at their next location.

However, they suggest to new users that 500,000 complexity is "considerate to others" LOL
Even with the unreliable LL formula, it's huge.

Juliette Jones

Won't be going to Fortnite if there's no custom avis, but frankly SL's performance issues cannot be 'solved' without expending an immense amount of money on LL's part to transfer Second Life completely off of OpenGL framework. OpenGL has a lot of difficulty using GPU resources effectively since it was originally made as a competitor to Microsoft's DirectX programming which relied on GPU. At the time, CPUs were far more powerful than most graphics cards and especially moreso than the onboard graphics of that generation's motherboards. OpenGL was built to run on *those* systems. No one was sure dedicated graphics cards would take off the way they did. Try the Alchemy viewer. I don't know how the devs of it accomplished such, but Alchemy seems built on GPU usage and it shows. Frequent and constant framerates at the cost of a few missing Quality of Life features that Firestorm possesses. Performance is possible, though. Albeit even Alchemy has severe issues with loading texture and mesh files from the slow servers. Half of your performance on SL is your network speed, after all. Since you download cache files of *every single thing* you see that is not a basic prim object. I imagine the reason LL took on a major financial investor and pushed for cloud streamed servers was to gain as much money as they can - whether that's being used to alter how SL's viewer and pipeline functions for further performance or to simply abandon ship when things become less profitable... only time will tell.

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