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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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just money laundering


> people with the most incentive to play in them are those who've paid the most to own items there

...or are looking to make money off others. Of those 30k MAUs, I wonder how many are content creators?

I find it interesting that The Sandbox's smallest land parcel is 96x96 meters, 9216 square meters. Comically large for residential housing, single shops, anything like that. I get the desire to avoid the whole 4x4m ad land thing that SL has, but it seems like they went a bit far in the other direction...

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

We've had our share of highly priced items for a world with few people in SL?. Remember Eshi Otawara's fishhook dress? The OOAK Dominic Shadow made and auctioned for charity? it seems not a year goes by without a charity auction of some really inexplicably priced item somewhere. And I suppose the value of it is whatever the buyer percieves it to be, even if the majority of us disagree or are unaware of it.

Adeon Writer

Ask all these NFT gaming “Metaverse” what they have to offer a free to play user, and they will fall silent.


I tried to check out The Sandbox, for laughs. The signup process is painful and dubious. You can edit your avatar and give them money through the web interface, but the actual game, which looks to be a blocky cartoony Minecraft ripoff, maybe with OSRS influences, requires you to download a Windows app which just repeatedly crashes on my PC (which runs SL happily). Not impressed, not optimistic about its long-term fate.

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