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Monday, November 15, 2021


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Luther Weymann

Linden Research had twenty years to lay their claim as “The Metaverse Company” so if they didn’t want to be identified as that company, I’m sure there are quite a few other tech companies who would be delighted to have that in their logo and name.


Honestly, so much of this just smacks of companies trying to capture media attention by loudly embracing the latest vague and misunderstood buzzword. It's like all the companies embracing "THe CLouD" ten years ago. One or two of them really understand what's going on, the rest are just trying to capitalize on hype.

One thing that could be interesting to look at are the announced/speculated plans of the (currently) 41 assets of the META ETF, which currently has just about half a billion dollars invested in "the future of the Metaverse". Some are predictable - FB, Google, Nvidia - and some are rather less obvious. Bilibili, for example - a mainland Chinese equivalent of Twitch? Bentley Systems, which makes software to design and manufacture utility infrastructure and publishes textbooks? Matterport, who make 3d cameras? Disney's among the holdings as well - though I'm not sure if that was before or after their announcements.

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