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Monday, November 15, 2021


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Adeon Writer

It still confuses me how after nearly 2 decades they have not added more prim shapes nor more options for those prims


The problem with prims is they are comparatively expensive to place vs mesh objects, are substantially less detailed, and not done any favors with the lighting model. They look ... well .. primitive.

Placement of prims is also fiddly, MC has everything on a very rigid fixed grid, SL just doesn't.

The skills used to work with prims don't directly translate to external tools like blender, and while FS does let you export them as a mesh, most users then immediately reimport that same mesh which is chock full of hidden geometry. So it's lose lose and lose again.

Prims were fine when that was all we had, now .. it's reserved for legacy content and occasionally making in world mockups that can be exported and used as a guide to take some of the proportional guesswork out of working in blender.

As an aside you can make minecraft pixel-art style blocks in SL .. if you go to great lengths to create specialist hacky geometry and UV mapping in blender, I've brought this up with LL devs and while the solution (per face texture filtering options) is simple, it's not likely to happen anytime soon (tm).


I think Linden Lab went even further and made a Minecraft clone called Patterns before and like the million other Minecraft clones it failed.

I think you underestimate the difficulty and cost of Linden Lab building games inside of Second Life. It took yeeeeears, an upgrade of the Havok engine, an implementation of Pathfinding, part of the planned Experience Tools system just to come up with Linden Realms and the other game thing they did that flopped.

I think Linden Lab's learned a good lesson that they should focus on Second Life as a platform for others to build on, and not go off building games themselves separate from or within Second Life. They've already burned a boat load of money and time doing that and failing entirely, time and money that could've been spent making Second Life a better competitor in this upcoming wave of "metaverses".

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