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Friday, November 05, 2021


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Persephone Emerald

I think this is cool, but doesn't this option add to the kinds of lag that people in SL always complain about? Also, I don't think "wholesome" is exactly the right word to describe this kind. of scripting, since it is used to make clothing appear transparent. I think it's a fun option for adults playing in a virtual world, but "wholesome" is a misleading adjective to describe it.


hi Persephone,
Yes I think the intended meaning was probably "immersive" rather than "wholesome".
However I don't think it adds to the lag, because many clothing items and scripted items that react to HUDs already have scripts inside them. There is no additional script required in this case, to make it work with the weather maker. Thank you.


Neat, I have been working on my own weather system like this one, the difference is it doesn't effect avatars but has tornadoes, snow fall that piles on, hail, realistic cloud formation with dynamic forces that change flight paths of airplanes and sailboats. It can dynamically change from particles to mesh by aliding a percentage bar between what type of effect people want. It comes with a HUD that has an environment sphwre only upur avatar can see but nobody else can. This is achieved by rigging a sphere to the avatars center attachment point and wearing the item as a HUD forcing it to rig to the avatar but only you can see it. It can also sync to your local weather with a zipcode maybe eventually I'll get the darn thing done.

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