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Friday, December 17, 2021


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Adeon Writer

Valve's tracking solution does not rely on any cameras. It's also much higher quality than Facebook's solution which relies on cameras.

I wish they'd consider switching to it.

*of course, the idea that your computer would send video feeds to the internet is ridiculous. They'd never just "sneak" that in without everyone instantly finding out about it*


"I’m super worried that people are going to look at their apartment, which isn’t as nice, and look at their face or their body, which isn’t as nice, and say: ‘I would rather have my headset on.’ "

There was a study that came out back in the early '90s about Internet users which itemized all the IRL things your virtual-world friends couldn't do for you; it pretty literally said people forming online friendships weren't going to church, weren't joining bowling leagues. Yet it never found (nor looked for) any connection between the two. I don't think there was one, and people on the 'net at the time (as preserved on Usenet and mailing list archives and so on) didn't either. Those early 'net users said, in essence--yeah, we're not joining bowling leagues; we weren't doing that even before we found MOOs and IRC and talkers.

Proteus effect aside, Haugen, I think, misses that virtual worlds are attractive to people who were *already* dissatisfied with meatspace. Virtual worlds, virtual spaces, the metaverse aren't the cause of dissatisfaction with users' lives and environments IRL. (And neither are they a panacea for the same.)

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