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Wednesday, December 01, 2021


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I think the more interesting part is that they're trying to build a virtual world around "cloud streaming", seemingly believing they can make something people can experience on smartphones, TVs, and anything else without a bleeding-edge GPU.

That being said, they constantly refer to their product as an MMO and a game, and the (concept?) art on their website is 100% generic rugged medieval fantasy mountainscapes and stuff. Where are the ampitheatres, the agoras, the misty forest clearings, the dimly-lit caverns with rough-hewn tables, chairs, and dance floors? I don't care how accessible it is on a plethora of devices, nobody's going to be holding sex (or even dance) parties halfway up a snowy mountain just because you called your MMO a "social sandbox". The Teen Second Life grid had more socialization-friendly landscapes...

sirhc desantis

Habbo Hotel eh? Nuff said

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