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Monday, December 13, 2021


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George Djorgovski

Talking about what the Metaverse will or will not be good for on the basis of what we have now is a little bit like forecasting the uses of the Web circa 1992 while using CompuServe or Prodigy with a 300 baud dial-up modem. The technology will get much better, the interfaces will get much better, old industries will be transformed or extinct, and new industries will appear. It may be useful to think of the Metaverse as the next evolutionary stage of the Internet (or at least the Web), and it will span the same or a larger spectrum of uses and activities as it does today.

Luther Weymann

I agree with George. One day that big glass wall in front of you with its artificial intelligence, cameras, and microphones built into the glass will light up because you said, "Hey, mom?". Your mother, someplace else in the world, will say "Yes honey?" and there you will stand facing each other. "Mom, let's walk through the finished interior of my new house the designer sent me." Telling the AI what to do, you and your mom will seamlessly enter the front door of your new house through a virtual world looking exactly like the real world of your new home. No goggles, remote cameras, microphones, flickering, lag, pixels, prims, scripting, or animations required, just you and your mom in real life walking through a virtual world. That's one possible metaverse future. If human stupidity does not ruin our world for us, one day, the metaverse and the natural world could be seamless.

Iggy 1.0

I can say with utmost confidence that for my colleagues and students, there's 0% interest in virtual worlds. On the other hand, we just had 10 hours of successful, face-to-face meetings for job candidates via Zoom.

My Gen Z students, like their Millennial predecessors, want "authenticity" in their interactions for serious matters (gaming is a diversion). Any time you have a woman with horns and wings or a dude like Philip's avatar with a Glam codpiece, you are in a game.

Sorry, folks. Won't fly at my workplace. Never did, never will.

Wagner James Au

"or my colleagues and students, there's 0% interest in virtual worlds"

Did you ask them if they play Minecraft, ROBLOX, or Fortnite?


> want "authenticity" in their interactions for serious matters (gaming is a diversion).

That's odd, because the Gen Z and millennial folks I talk to in virtual worlds - be it IRC, or Discord, or online games - view games as Serious Business. I know a college student who's married in a mobile MMO called Toram, apparently quite happily. Not sure how much more seriously he can be taking it...

> we just had 10 hours of successful, face-to-face meetings for job candidates via Zoom.

...and let's be honest, they'd have been 100% as "successful" conducted via text on Jabber. Possibly even more successful, if the positions being applied for require written communication more than the ability to feign being extroverted for ten minutes. Hell, I'd rather hit an applicant with three written questions in rapid succession, see if they're focused enough to answer all of 'em (and meaningfully...) than try to have a conversation over Zoom. Voice is still the least-efficient means of accurately conveying information.

--lkosov, having flashbacks to the time a coworker with an accent kept referring to node.js as what sounded for all the world like "nude juice"

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