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Thursday, December 23, 2021


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camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

The Idolmaker is an atheist, for he knows what the gods are made of.

Luther Weymann

Three years ago, while roaming around the island I formally lived on in the Blake Sea, I created a SLURL spreadsheet. This was for parcels for sale with prices exceeding L$100,000 and was waterfront on the Blake Sea. A few parcels in the 2048 to 8192 size were for sale between L$250,000 and L$2,500,000. I sort of forgot about the spreadsheet or at least did not look at it for about a year, and then one day opened it up and started clicking on the twenty or so SLURLs to see what had happened. Almost all of the "cheap" L$100,000 parcels had been sold. The 4096 for sale at L$500,000 was sold, and an extravagant new home with professional landscaping was there with the yacht parked out front. Someone has money to spend. I don't know if sellers came down on prices which I doubt they did. But for sure, there are people out there buying what I consider costly properties in SL.


Hi James !
A question from a dilletant second life user (but in the game since 2008) : why do linden labs do not tokenize its linden dollars ? Why dont they blockchainize themselves ? Why stay closed to what happens today ? Merci !

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