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Wednesday, December 22, 2021


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RIP Sansar, although this end was expected for a while...

Medhue Simoni

It is sad. Sansar never allowed creators to really make money. The commission rate was 62%, and never once was it changed in any way. Us old timers got a grandfathered rate, that always ended at the end of the year, with me having to complain to get the grandfathering to get extended another year. At a 62% commission rate, it's impossible to have an economy. It would be like the US putting a 62% sales tax on everything. I begged the whole time I was there to get that commission lowered, but not 1 person even considered it. Bye Sansar! BTW, to any other 3D artists out there, I'm currently creating for the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Unreal has a 12% commission rate. It's awesome. I love it there.

Cindy Bolero

Before leaving SL in 2016, I was already trying out Unity-based virtual worlds. I bypassed Sansar completely because it was not built on Unity or another simular versatile game engine. When you're involved with a proprietary platform, expect outmoding or unfavorable business decisions over time.

On the other hand, my Unity game engine scenes/environments/regions and custom or licensed props and game art, doesn't suffer virtual world obsolescence or platform dependence. Unity-based virtual worlds have came and went, such as Jibe (2011-2013), and I was able to easily migrate my scenes and worlds over to VRchat.

From 2014-2016 VRchat was a lot of fun, but that user-base was not ideal for my concepts although that community loved the work I did, as I loved their creativity (Meanwhile VRchat prevails with serious growth). When that VR/desktop platform stopped supporting MacOS, I next went to SineSpace Beta in 2016, and have been there since.

Several of the "experiences" (regions & content) I created in Jibe and VRchat, were easy-peasy converting to SineSpace. Some interactive props needed script conversions, but was not a big deal.

There was no whining about leaving behind time and money investment. When I needed to move to another platform, my stuff came with me. Except for custom content made by others in a platform, but I'm not dependant on inworld marketplaces.

I build environments that are continent size, with thousands of plants, buildings, and props. For me, Unity's portability is the way to go. For content creators who make furniture, structures, clothing, and vehicles, migration is a little more complex where you must adapt to a different clothing system, convert vehicle scripts, etc. But hey, its another store/world where your products are offered. And Unreal Engine is catching up with Unity's concepts, and has SDK possibilities emerging. We'll soon see UE-based virtual worlds as well.

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

Medhue: " At a 62% commission rate, it's impossible to have an economy"

ROBLOX: *laughs in 70% commision rate plus minimum 1000 USD cashout*

(granted, ROBLOX's economy is not going to last in its current state, especially once people figure fully what a gyp it is)

betty tureaud

Yes its all about profit :p that's why it doesn't work as a social platform


Simply put, Sansar could not continue to pay their bills, losing their Umbra license because they did not pay their license either on time.
Now they have less servers and bandwidth to use, which manifests in users being told that 'edit server is full' and even on a platform with only about 10 people per day being active - only the most dedicated and deluded members who are like the walking dead - not knowing that the ship has already sunk and that they are but ghosts in a ghost world.
Spectacular fail by Sansar, and even after Wookey purchased it, they simply carried along in their incompetent and non-visionary way, continuing the war against their own users until everyone either left, got banned, or otherwise disenfranchised.
Yet Sansar continues to use your stuff, and include it in the valuation it proposes as it tries to offload the platform to yet another sucker company, but of course at this point, and with it's concurrent user history - simply has NO value that can be sold to anyone.
So instead they choose to run it with limited access, a skeleton crew and paying deluded individuals with clout and status instead of real $$$ and just keep doing what they've been doing.
They're such a non-entity now, people don't even know who they are. Sansar search on youtube returns ZERO results, while VR Chat returns 1000's of recently made videos - all with 250,000 views.

JP Fournier

sansar is back online


sansar 'back online' but no one is there. they are having connection issues to their editing servers, and their Umbra license has still not been updated probably because they have no money left
talking to some of the insiders with ndas but i dont have nda says wookey is looking to dump the platform if any takers but i doubt anyone will buy it with its current player count of 4 people maybe 30 tops on busiest day, no events no development no audience not sure how they would even value it to a buyer anyway.
meanwhile they are being eclipsed by other platforms that sansar wanted to be but just couldnt get their equitable gender hires to be competent enough to code it for them fast enough. so now they die
yet still some stupid people there still making stuff and worlds thinking its going to be there tomorrow gonna be mad when they find all their stuff and assets and worlds sold for someone else to profit from oh well!

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