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Tuesday, January 18, 2022


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Gaming makes up very little of Microsoft's earnings. They know the value of it though. Microsoft knows what Solitaire meant to Windows, Facebook know whats Farmville meant to Facebook. We get into new tech for leisure and entertainment reasons, end up staying for all sorts of reasons like productivity and business.

Microsoft's been at it awhile with AR/VR via Windows Mixed Reality headsets and HoloLens. I don't know what in particular Activision-Blizzard can add to their concept of a 'metaverse' that their plethora of game studios can't already, but a future of games to help sell Windows Holographic when it becomes more of a thing makes sense.


> but talk of the metaverse makes me wonder if Microsoft actually grasps the concept

Everyone is 100% sure they're using it correctly and everyone else is wrong about it.

Sure, sure.

Time to realize the truth, WJA: No one knows what the Metaverse is, because the term is meaningless. It means whatever you want. It's a filler buzzword.

Sorry, your personal ideas for the metaverse might be cool, but they aren't the metaverse. Best describe what you're interested in using actual words that have meaning.

Because Metaverse is just the new Dot Com


"Because Metaverse is just the new Dot Com."
This is what I've been seeing for months and couldn't pinpoint it. Thank you, Adeon!

Wagner James Au

It's totally like the dot com boom except for the 500 million to 1 billion active users in platforms that roughly fit the description of the Metaverse from Snow Crash.


When you have a term that ambiguous of course there will be billions that meet a definition.

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