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Friday, January 14, 2022


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the killer metaverse app will be the three (potentially multi)-dimensional spreadsheet. Able to pivot data and its graphical representation in more than two dimensions

Luther Weymann

Oh! oh oh...me thinking that through... OMG the things I could have done in business with that is mind-blowing. I'm retired now, but can I come back in time for that to be fully available to me? Killer, killer metaverse app.

Tholan Nohkan

Nice interview on Spark.

I want the metaverse to be easy and have high realism. Like telling an Ai how you want your new region to be terraformed and then landscaped. And then telling the Ai, you wish to add a log cabin etc. Elon's Open-Ai company already does the with VQGAN-Clip to generate 2d art based on any text you give it. I use it at https://creator.nightcafe.studio
I imagine they might be doing the same thing for Ai to write computer code. So maybe everything is falling into place for a metaverse that builds itself for you.

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