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Thursday, January 06, 2022


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Bad Player

12 million is still a good sized install base for the Quest 2. More than enough to justify games from smaller teams.

Not large enough to justify investment from the AAA but that's a good thing in my opinion. AAA haven't had the best track record when it comes to making performant software. 30fps with dips is fine and dandy for Cinematic 3rd Person Action Game #4342515 on the PS5. It would be unacceptable on the Quest.

Ryan Schultz

Good predictions!


This is totally anecdotal evidence, but there appear to be a mammoth amount of new Beat Saber players in multiplayer since the holidays. On Expert level, most players in November were about the same level of skill. I'd regularly finished anywhere from 1 to 5 depending. These days, I regularly finish most songs in first place, due to the flood of inexperienced players.

Where previously almost all players would score SS, S, or A level, we're now seeing a lot of B, C, D, E, and Fs.

It appears there are a *lot* more Beat Saber players than there were just a few months ago.

Sean R. Lynch

Perhaps not in 2022, but I expect Google to be releasing its own AR glasses sometime within the next few years. They acquired North in June of 2020, and North had acquired Intel's VRD (Virtual Retina Display) technology and also had their own VRD glasses. They've also been moving aggressively into edge computing and server-side rendering, and I doubt it's just so that people can play AAA titles on Chromebooks and Android phones. I think it's also so they can provide high-end AR and VR from lightweight devices with a reasonable battery life.

In addition to low latency and high bandwidth, 5G also has an interesting feature which I don't hear discussed very much: extremely precise localization and orientation. This could theoretically make it possible to use AR glasses while walking down the street without having to use "camera tricks" like the Quest does.

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