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Thursday, January 13, 2022


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Ryan Schultz

Great scoop, Wagner!

Henri Beauchamp

I do hope that the "distributed computing patents" will not jeopardize (*) Open Source viewers...

Time will tell, I guess... :-S

(*) Like KDU and Havok already partly do, since they cannot be part of/used by 100% Open Source viewers...

Riannah Avora

OMG! YAY! I've been hoping for this!

William Romanowski

You want someone with a nice haircut, bring back Philip Rosedale.
You want someone with architecture know-how, bring back Cory Ondrejka.

geometry dash

Thank you for sharing!

Osiris Indigo

@william for what he had to work with in 2003, I think Phillip did fantastic. Now we need to take the things that were specifically 2003, like bandwidth, server capacity, and prims that were specifically 2003 and ADVANCE then 20 years. Philip, how about prim 2.0 and a new LSL based on LUA or some visual language construct (connect to Unity or Unreal) in 2022??

FreeWee Ling

Any major shift in underlying tech will mean creating a whole new world from scratch (with none of the 18 years worth of existing SL assets being transferable), which they've already tried and failed with Sansar. The longevity of SL is based on a passionate user community and user friendly creation tools right from the start.

I wonder what he means by "subscription-based business." I presume most of SL's revenue comes from real estate (i.e., server) rental and fees from the Marketplace. I don't know what percentage membership subscriptions come to, but it seems unlikely that it would be central to their business model. Unless perhaps they consider doing away with free basic memberships. Interesting times...


I know this isn't a popular opinion with some folks, but it's going to really suck if a corporate push destroys the sex positive and queer side of SL. It's one of the only places that actually treats you like an adult online still, but corporations won't want a pair of fox girl breasts reflecting poorly on the McRib NFT Experience.

This...bodes poorly to me.


Guy has played around with his own projects, no big new thing came out of it, so now he's back to SL! Congrats! :)


> I know this isn't a popular opinion with some folks, but it's going to really suck if a corporate push destroys the sex positive and queer side of SL.

Here is where I'd link a picture of Philip Rosedale coding Second Life at Burning Man in his underwear.

...You'll be fine.


@Adeon thats one guy tho, and I understand @artemys' concerns. There's a new big business getting involved, with their money, and we've seen how big funds and bank systems can be detrimental to sex positive and queer positive spaces (see: OnlyFans, Tumblr). I don't think they were concerned about Rosedale :)

Jackson Redstar

I guess I might be a bit cynicle but .... or get SL in shape to be sold to a tech co with endless pockets who happens to wanting to launch a VR world of their own,,,

Iggy 1.0

My skull broke long ago from dozens of falling skies. I yelled that myself a few times. Bang! OUCH!

Let's see what happens with him back on the team.


Of all the different ideas and possibilities tried in the past years, only VRChat found the right mix to match and even surpass SL.
Rec Room seems doing well and NEOS has a potential. Other projects didn't go so far or flopped entirely. There were nice and innovative ideas but too many bugs and something not so user friendly and not as cute; other projects offered pretty visuals, but with other things lacking and long load times compared to VRChat; then the crypto stuff populated with few people that only cares for crypto currencies and not for that world, and so on.

Therefore, trying to create a new world wasn't a bad idea. The problem is how you make it and how its various parts work together (also, of course, how you present it to your potential users, how you get and retain users, how you relate to your community, ...). High Fidelity did something of this right, something less, but it isn't toss the whole thing away.

Even if High Fidelity (their world) didn't have success, Rosesale has always cool ideas and if their patents can be of any use for SL, that would still be a good thing. Thinking of it, I remember High Fidelity had mobile devices in mind too with their distributed computing and Linden Lab is looking for a mobile app...
Time will tell what comes out of all this.

High 5 Dave

Sorry to say but unless Torley Linden in invited back, you can count me out!

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