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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


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Well yes. Gen X and boomers pay for more digital content than zoomers and millenials.


Well... Roblox is simple and full of kids cause bad parenting... and SL is full of adults who are willing to buy digital clothes, heads and makeup that half of it will never use. They own their wallet.
Really, comparing apples with oranges


Not sure what has changed in SL, but when the wife and I were making full time incomes, we had to battle LL to up the limits we could cash out. We were never able to take out the full amount we were earning, and the part time staff we were paying also had problems upping their cash out limits. so we handed the business over to them and quit for RL business.

Hopefully that has changed since then, now that SL does tax reporting. But it seemed to be what Lindens you knew back then. No way to run a business, even for a virtual world.

But I can see how Roblox wouldn't even be a consideration for serious income.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Quite interesting. I wouldn't say I'm 'surprised' with the numbers. What @Isabella said is quite right: SL targets a different audience, it's a different niche market, so, no surprise that the numbers are different as well.

It's still nice to see that the ratio of (professional) developers to consumers in SL is so high :) (comparatively speaking, that is)

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