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Thursday, February 03, 2022


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Many don't rely on or use the Quest app store, they go straight to Steam and use the Quest 2 as a PC peripheral.

There's almost no upside to using the Quest store and getting Android version of games and apps vs. getting the Windows/Steam versions with better graphics and performance. The link cable isn't even required anymore, hasn't been since Virtual Desktop made wireless playing possibly and for the past year Quest's Air Link has made wireless PC playing even easier.

Steam's Hardware Survey still shows the Quest 2 as the most used VR headset on Steam by far, and it grew its lead over Valve's own Index and everything HTC released over last year.

The Quest 2's popularity on Steam means something, maybe even more than how its performing in the Quest app store. The only people that have to use the Quest app store are those without a PC/laptop and a wireless router and that's maybe not a lot of people, especially among those buying into a niche like VR.


Also Sidequest have a lot more titles, quality titles than the Quest store and is the first place that apps that make it into applabs arrive before they eventually migrate to the Quest store.

Everyone jumped onto this "10 million headsets sold" hype last year, even though it was quickly admitted by Qualcomm and/or Meta the figure was an average of third party estimates. Something most people overlooked or preferred to ignore.

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I really enjoyed the music as it seemed fitting then I heard the streaming music say Funky Junk and had to ask Carmsie what kind of stream this was as it seemed so perfect for the sim, and Carmsie replied, " I collected suitable sounds/music with no copyright, all copyright free ... the funky junk one .. I added my rl voice morphed as a robot." Carmsie added robotty voices to some of the inhabitants here ... need to click them to hear.

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