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Friday, March 18, 2022


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Martin K.

> There’s no small-town feel with Horizon, like there was when people were first coming into Second Life.

I might be wrong, but from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im3YC3JiTFk , I got the impression that there is a (small) group of creators in Horizon Worlds who are forming the kind of community you are missing.

> These crypto metaverses put the speculation before the community. Meta is sort of doing the same thing by openly saying they want to give people Oculus headsets and scrape their user data, including what people are looking at, in order to do advertising. Right there, once again, they’re putting the monetization right up front, before the community.

It's worth noting what disaster Meta's early attempts at advertisement in VR were ( https://uploadvr.com/facebooks-head-of-vr-responds-to-ad-criticism/ ). But if they don't figure it out within the next couple of years, their whole metaverse ambitions might be in danger.

Of course, it's an open question whether Meta's VR monetization strategy has to be based on advertisement. It's also an open question, what role Horizon Worlds will play in Meta's VR monetization strategy. One might hope that Horizon Worlds itself will never make enough money to be relevant for Meta and that they keep it alive for other reasons (like Microsoft keeps AltspaceVR alive).


Hamlet said: ".. It (virtual-world space) creates real human engagement in a way that social media, which creates this disorienting illusion of engagement, does not. I don’t mean to sound utopian here, but in a virtual world context, everyone has an equal footing to start that they don’t have when they are on many social media platforms. ..."

I like this answer

Expanding on this a bit, some thoughts

A thing with Second Life. Linden Lab doesn't provide any inworld acclaimation mechanisms for residents to acclaim ('fan') other residents. There is no Like button on the resident profile page. The number of inworls contacts (social media contextual nearish equivalent: followers/subscribers) that a resident has, is not published on their profile. Nor does the Second Life inworld have a mechanism to publicly award or display, activity and/or reputation points

What reputation a resident may gain with other residents comes from their work. Reputation which is typically spread thru word of mouth - personal contact or thru forum and blog posts. Reputation that requires effort from both parties, effort that is not publicly recorded (acknowledged) on the resident's public facing profile

This not only starts out Second Life residents on an equal footing, it also in the main, keeps the residents on an equal footing

Which is not a bad thing, when the sense of egalitarianism that underpins comunity based virtual worlds is to be maintained

I think Linden Lab gets/understands that for a virtual world to survive over the long term then egalitarianism has to be baked in. And on occasion when Linden sees that Second Life residents, thru the mechanisms of the Second Life platform, are straying too far from this sense of an egalitarian community then Linden makes changes to the platform to reel in the straying

Iggy 1.0

Like irihapeti, I too liked this:

It creates real human engagement in a way that social media, which creates this disorienting illusion of engagement, does not.

That is what large corporations do not understand. I suppose they see VWs with user-generated content as Facebook plus avatars. Why these deep-pocketed firms did not study the history of the last hype cycle is beyond me…says something about corporate myopia.

Luckily, there is no hype in academia about new VWs now, to match the brief interest of 2008-10. If the tech matures with a UI easier than SL’s and a use-case for building simulations could be made, interest could grow.

Bloodsong Termagant

is it possible to contact you in-world (within second life)?

there's an issue with the metaverse(tm) and vr hype that i haven't seen addressed anywhere, and i'd like to send you some notes on it.

Valentina Kendal

Congratulations Hamlet!

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