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Wednesday, March 02, 2022


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I thoroughly wish her and her loved ones all the best, good luck and strength!
I donated money to a civilian charity organisation, here in Central Europe, instead of pushing more arms into the country.

Noth Ackland

Stay safe and strong! Hungary waiting you and your whole family !

Zidders Roofurry

I hope at some point Putin's forces are kicked out but I have a bad feeling this is going to be a long war.

Minhilda Nordenskiold

This is heartbreaking. War in Europe is something totally unreal. Please stay safe! Slava Ukraini!


I hope everyone survives

Teala Leef

stat safe and praying for you and the country


This is so heartbreaking, sending prayers.

Brooke Carter

Hanna, may God keep you and all of you in Ukraine safe. My SL name is BrookeCarter01 Resident. I know I have bought some stuff in the past from you. My Husband Liam saw your post and told me and I said, oh yah I have some of her stuff. Hey I have an idea all! If you know any Ukraine creators can you put their shop names here somewhere in chat please? And I am going to see what I can find in my inventory that I got from Osmia and blast pictures with it on :D This way people can see the awesome creations. I think we should support Hana and other Ukrainian creators as well. Perhaps one day they can get back safely onto their accounts to cash out. Please donate where you can and never mind the politics of past and historical events. As always in war times it's the innocent people that suffer the most from the doings of their and leaders. Hana, I have honest to God been losing a lot of sleep over this war I am so heart broken for the people. But I have been following all the news (hence heightened anxiety) and the people of Ukraine have been so so very brave. Stay strong Hana God willing, we WILL see you soon :)


Hanna I wish nothing but safe passage through this very troubling time for you and your family. Sending prayers to you and yours ♥

Brat Hoyer

Just a thought....

I would like to see the good citizens of SL to get together and start a fund raiser in SL or something to raise the lindens to pay their rents until they can safely get back to us.

Magdalena Bellic

I'm from Poland. I sent a message to Hanna that I can help her in Poland. I invite her to my home. I don't know if she will be able to read this message. And I don't know that she will be able to get to Poland :(

Wagner James Au

Thank you, Magdalena! I'll pass your message on to Hanna.

Bentley Scout

Are there any new updates on how Hanna is holding up?

Wagner James Au

I messaged with her last night, she is doing OK, all things considered. Her city is occupied by Russians so is staying indoors.

Vida Actor

Hanna Deus cuida de vc e sua familia!Fe

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