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Monday, March 14, 2022


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sirhc desantis

Interesting. Can only comment on Gibson (if I read the other three they never 'clicked') where the tech was used as an adjunct although closely intertwined* (more or less - Idoru was a wee bit diff) to the general yarn.

*bit late here so adjunct not quite the word looking for and paralell has a) too many l's b) not the word either

Osiris Indigo

The original intensities of those books plus ready player one, which described it best, could be realized if someone with some IT pockets could put together the best features of There.com, Second Life, and expandable worlds like WoW in an Unreal 5 engine and put together interconnected worlds using the same basic engine like Fortnight and Sea of Thieves and add a component where anyone could craft, build or design objects in world with real scripting that could then be sold, traded, NFTed or swapped, like people used to in There.com

Martin K.

> Speaking of which, the novel's Metaverse is not meant to be the Internet itself

That was my main point.

> Turns out a lot of do want to explore a virtual world as a skater girl or a swordfighter

Sure, but exploring virtual worlds is not really what the plots of Snow Crash, Neuromancer, and Ready Player One are about. As far as I remember, they are about no less than saving the world. That works for literature and it probably has helped to make those books popular.

There is a small problem with many adventures of that kind in a persistent, unique virtual world for many users: they can only be experienced once by one group of users; after that, it doesn't make much sense to have the same adventure again. Imagine Tolkien's Middle-earth in the Metaverse. After one Frodo has destroyed the One Ring, that adventure is done and no one else can experience the same adventure because the One Ring doesn't exist any more. Same with the egg hunt in Ready Player One etc.

Ready Player One also includes the solution: non-persistent(!) planets that offer the same experience for all their visitors: anything from arcade games to world-scale adventures. That part of the OASIS looks a lot more like today's existing social VR apps with user-generated worlds.

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