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Friday, March 25, 2022


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The timing of this is not surprising...watch for similar exoduses....taxes...smh. C'mon LL. You say you love your residents, so show it via reduced tier , based upon seniority at least. Prospective sim owners may consider taking the plunge if they see decent treatment in their future. We know the tax is out of your control...pricing isn't. Show us how you REALLY feel about us.

Zidders Roofurry

It's sad that Linden Lab can't look at sims like this that have been around almost as long as SL has and deem them historically important. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't cost them that much extra to preserve the few locations like this out there.

Iggy 1.0

Seriously. Reduce tier, Lindens.

They won’t. They will milk the cow until it dies.

Adeon Writer

Charging people to make locations in your virtual world is so backwards, yet people accept it. Why would Linden Lab ever reverse such a swindle like that? They'd have to be fools.


Linden Lab DOES quite often preserve regions of historical value. Has anyone even approached them to ask? They don't magically just know about it.

Saffia Widdershins

There are a number of regions that Linden Lab has saved as being of historical importance. Offhand I can think of the Galaxy (three regions), Mont St Michel, Svarga and a romantic one whose name I forget, but I’m sure someone can supply!

In all cases, I think Linden Lab has basically bought the region/s in their entirety. That does preserve them, but it means the creator surrendering them - something they may not want to do.

In addition, preserving them doesn’t mean they necessarily retain a high level of visitors. People may talk about their regret at seeing places go, but in recent years, whenever I have visited Svarga, it’s been deserted.


There are world heritage sites in the real world. Designated by UNESCO, maintenance costs are covered by a public budget. Places that have made an important contribution to the development of Second Life may be protected as heritage.



lets have a party there!!! for the last time!!!

come on!!!

Valentina Kendal

Agreed, LL should save Tempura, it still has Traffic of 30,000. It is a piece of many people's memories of SL. Thank you Kikunosuke eel! <3

Domino Effect

Copy all the hard work, the beauty to OAR file and move it to the Hypergrid who not only gives up to 45,0000 prims a sim but many will do it for FREE, SL is gouging while the Hypergrid and Open sims are using SL's open source software and are in most cases entirely free. SL has the largest infrastructure but its been killing creativity and beauty in the name of profit for over a decade. Tempura can exist at no cost or $5 a month really.

Jerralyn Franzic

^ Totally agree with Domino Effect, move it to the Open Sim hypergrid. In my short time on Open Sim (since last Dec 2021), I've found that many SL creators have taken up shop in the Hypergrid.

(If Mr Eel can afford to do that right now/soon enough, I'd tell him not to use OSgrid though... look for a better spot like Kitely or Digiworldz.)


Yea, we paid 7000.- a year for pfaffenthal 1867, (and that was the special pricing fir educational non profit) which was possible only because it was financed by 2 museums! I miss it though!


It’s a historical place and linden labs can save it they saved many older places in that past they need to be a hero on this one. This is a place many people they brought a loved one also a place for peace and finding a new friend. My ex showed me this place by the pink cherry blossoms trees and the sofa watch the sun set. SL you could bring it back if you understand love mind and soul. Even if someone is stressed this place can bring someone change. We need to message second life linden labs let them know we still care for this place should be about money this about humanity the person that make this die from the heart and soul being it back linden labs I know deep inside you can.

Edana Ó Riagáin

What is wrong with Second Life? I have the feeling that most people here hardly appreciate really good sims anymore and just need their backdrops. Exploring a sim doesn't count for most people anymore. They look to see if they can find a suitable backdrop for the next Flickr photo and if there isn't one, then they don't visit the sim anymore. Very sad, but then you don't have to wonder why such old and beautiful sims perish.... :-(


Linden Lab instead of creating a ponderosa of new upcoming tax's on everyone how about lowering tier while providing new features? SL is dying and LL killed it!

sirhc desantis

Had a think and never visited. The Creator moves on - good for them.
Things pass.
Seems the owner wishes it to pass. Shame on all you pic takers that do not create but so it go..

As to the openSim crowd - sod off. If the owner created all then OK. Else can be ripped. And
you in opensim know this. Its why I have an aeros cock in OS. OS leeches from.
It rarely gives back

Even art. there is in OS. Its less than it was in SL 15 years ago. And it was crap then. Still is

Jessica Fox

Rather than flame LL for a cause...I think I will share what I loved about Tempura. I spent many a time with my best friend and wife there and enjoyed a lot of happy moments. Mr Eel's contribution is nothing less than legendary and it will be sorely missed. Sadly this comes at a time when my wife and best friend has passed away in real life so I am enduring a double sadness. I will miss both with a heavy heart.

No One

It's already gone! =((


Maybe someone is re-creating Tempura? A place called 'Tempura Project' just came up on my search, it says :

Recreate Japan Tempura so people have a place to return to and to keep the great work that was Tempura.
--Under Construction---


I really loved Tempura Island. One of my favorite places ❤️

Eliza Cabassoun

Tempura Poject
Recreate Japan Tempura so people have a place to return to and to keep the great work that was Tempura.
--Under Construction---

Open Now!

Lee McKay

Tempura has been restored and preserved by Linden Lab.

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