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Friday, April 29, 2022


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Gwenette Writer

Cajsa, rest deeply and recover quickly 💛

Luther Weymann

Please stop by her house and drop a few Lindens for Cajsa's recovery. Praying for your health and quick recovery.

Phaethon Soothsayer

Hi Casja, so sorry to hear and best wishes for your full recovery soon!

Hey Hamlet, thanks for publicizing Casja's situation so we can help ;-)

Drop by her Linden home and give her dog some Lindens, it's just a teleport away...


Thanks so much for the good wishes, the bandages and all the support. You are so lovely and generous. I have to reassure you, though, that that article on debridement scared the heck out of me. They searched for the scariest pictures.

Mine was okay. They numb the area with Lidocaine and the doc used the world's tiniest ice cream scoop to scoop out slough, the stuff the body produces to fight infection. Slough interferes with healing. They remove it many different ways depending on how serious it is. The ice cream scooper method is the easiest in my opinion. It was far easier than I expected because this wound doctor did not feel it necessary to scrape back the margins.

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