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Tuesday, April 26, 2022


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Luther Weymann

Obviously, Wagner gets it, and Mark, well, not as much as he needs to. That VR demo showroom will need liability insurance, handy wipes, and a good bucket for those who have never spun around and moved their head for the first time in a VR condom.

Martin K.

I've introduced dozens of people to VR and developed a certain routine. Part of that is to start with something without artificial locomotion and without the use of controllers, e.g. Apollo 11 VR or Wevr's theBlu. The next phase is to use controllers but no artificial locomotion, e.g. Beat Saber. Only if people are hooked by that, I introduce social VR using teleporting, but with muted mic and muted voices. This works for people from 8 to 80.

Does this convey the full experience of social VR? Hell, no! The ugly truth is that the first real impression of social VR is seriously off putting for most people due to toxic behaviour of other users. (And that's well documented, see for example https://www.extendedmind.io/why-women-dont-like-social-virtual-reality .)

Is that a problem? No, because the purpose of a demo in a store is not to convey the full experience but to get people hooked. Think of it like a trailer for a movie or video game: what attracts people are the visual aesthetics of the trailer - not the great storytelling nor the addictive gameplay, which you simply cannot convey in a trailer.

Luther Weymann

@Martin K. The Extended mind study was a good read. Thanks for including that. It reminds me exactly of my experiences trying to help day one avatars in SL.

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