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Wednesday, April 06, 2022


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sirhc desantis

Going to be dull here and agree with your 'spoiler answers'
Only minor question is about companies 'allowing' user associations. Not sure how that would work when they can just pull the plug - collectively, as it were.

Iggy 1.0

Users, unionizing? That's the precedent for THAT?

Employees? That I could see. I.T. workers often work in conditions no one in my old AFL/CIO Local would tolerate.

But why users? They are customers and not part of any H.R. Regs that a company may (or may not) have.

It's only a matter of time, however, before regulations appear for all platforms. We've seen it recently for landowners in SL.

2021 was the first tax-year that eBay and PayPal sent me 1099s for my US taxes. The bill was hefty as I'm a very active eBay seller.


@Iggy: People need to think "guilds". Actual unions will effectively choke any practical negotiation power, and if the trational membership structure is applied, not many will want to join a union. I, personally, would much rather be part of a guild where everyone has direct input.


consumer unions are a thing. Collective organisations funded by their members to advocate for changes to goods, services, use licenses and legislation

for example, right-to-repair stuff that we have bought. When companies refuse to acknowledge this then consumer unions advocate for legislative change

another example: Automobile Association, a collective union of automobile owners. Such associations can and do have enormous sway over the automobile industry, road networks and legislation

when they get big enough in terms of membership, consumer unions can also branch out into bulk buying goods and services for their members. Which also can have a profound impact on the industry in which the union operates

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