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Tuesday, April 26, 2022


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Users don’t create flying penises, men do. Otherwise flying clitorises would be a thing.


Are men not users..? No need to make it a gender thing. If you think the sexual content in Second Life is exclusively made by men you would be mistaken.


True. But harassing people with penises is definitely a man’s thing. The res of us should not be blamed for men’s misbehavior.


Comments like this make me wonder why I'm still on this blog.


Making adult content is not the same as harassing people with flying penises, is it? The first can be done by everybody. The second, only by a man. Obviously. As for why you are still on this blog, 🤔


After 15 years in SL my time, which I cherish, is approaching 0%. Sexual activity is so cheap, easy, and ultimately empty. Communication, bonding, and belonging with my long term community are more challenging, more interesting, and more fulfilling.


grr... "is approaching 0% sex."


As a creator who makes her RL living creating high quality adult and PG content I can assure you all that sex is alive and well in SL. There are plenty who purchase PG furniture but the lionshare of my sales are adult rated items.

One of my Sims was griefed back in 2008 by both flying penises AND the head of Bill Cosby, lol. I am not sure which I found more disturbing.

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