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Tuesday, April 19, 2022


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Maybe I'm wrong, but The Sandbox is currently in alpha. There are some rather brief testing periods when the world can actually be used, then it closes again for further improvements. So I guess the numbers in terms of visits and users are not that relevant, since the world is not really open yet?

Martin K.

Mark Zuckerberg has described blockchain technology as the long-term future of virtual commerce ( https://youtu.be/El19o1Ib-HE?t=1284 ) which implies that Meta and other big players might be very interested in buying companies that can successfully implement the technology for this vision. The size of their user base might not be that important as long as the technology works since companies like Meta, Google, Apple, Sony, Nintendo, or Roblox would push the technology to a much larger user base in any case.

Justin Bovington

Sandbox is part of a much larger eco-system - hence the valuation. Animoca have plans.

But, you're touching on some good points. The issue is the lack of a scalable virtual world that shows consistent growth and concurrency levels. There isn't a leader. Again, it show just how innovative and relevant SL is today.

I am surprised LL haven't launched a successor.

I have my eye on Unreal. Hearing a lot of buzz around connected siloed worlds.

John Roycroft

NFT Worlds is a much more promising project. The development team are remarkably active. Sandbox has significant potential but is still in alpha mode.

Wagner James Au

> the world is not really open yet?

I just went it to take that pic! The co-founder recently posted stats of activity, visits, MAU:


Jagner Wames Eu

>I just went it to take that pic!

Yes but you couldn't do anything could you?
Nothing is accessible, you can't even use one of the portals just run around in circles exploring a very small area.

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