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Monday, April 04, 2022


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Nodoka Hanamura

I actually wrote about similar matters to this on my blog when East River closed up: http://nodo.kahanamura.com/2022/03/the-reality-about-east-river.html

In real life, unlike in SL, cities do not exist within a vacuum. They rely on state and federal funding as well as local taxes and other things such as Occupational License fees (OLF) and other financial endeavors to survive. They also depend on regional and federal agencies and entities to do things such as maintain the power grid, build and maintain roads, establish and regulate infrastructure.

To run a city in Second Life is a wholly independent endeavor, which is offered little to no support by Linden Lab. Now, some will point to the SL Region Preservation Society, or SLRPS, but the reality is that SLRPS does not support infrastructure in Second Life in any capacity outside of the protection of historically important properties.

Hotel Chelsea was such an example, owned and operated by the late Enola Vaher. The Hotel was a replica of its' real life counterpart which hosted great artistic and musical minds such as Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol, and Pink Floyd. In SL it did much of the same, offering room and board to Second Life artists, Hotel Chelsea became a hub for the cultural arts in Second Life.

When Enola died, the Hotel entered into dire straits, and Linden Lab stepped into defer it from being seized, and in turn, the property was handed over to SLRPS.

The same was done with Hangers Liquides, when it was facing closure after Djehann Kidd reported facing financial hardships. SLRPS offered to take partial ownership of Hangers Liquides to help offset costs and keep it going.

Now, this is great for historical builds and preserving SL history.. but not so much for keeping cities operational. When SLRPS is transferred control of property, you are not allowed to make income from it. You can't even modify it without Linden Lab's overt authorization. This should be a last resort for cities to preserve at least part of their land for historical purposes should they become as historically valuable as East River was.

While Tempura was easily eligible for SLRPS protection, it shouldn't be the only option.

Guybrush Treepwood

I think you don't follow the events, you probably don't read the right sources or read the sources you prefer, as always, besides Opensim, there are many grids, and an Italian one that adopts the custom EgoCore has recreated through some builders an inspired island called Ego Serenity. is AlterEgo Grid. The sim has obviously been offered for free and already boasts many daily visits.

Tizzy Canucci

While it is beloved, is it really transferable? In a new place it ceases to have the memories it built up in the old place where it was made: without that meaning it is in danger of just looking dated and archaic.

The emphasis has to be on the question of whether it is as worth keeping as another suburban estate of premium homes for rent.

Bavid Dailey

As Saffia points out, Svarga is there, but dysfunctional. Maintenance of a highly scripted environment is a lot of work , even if it's the script creator. For other scripters, its even harder. But most environments need a bit of tweaking from time to time , as the underlying Linden software changes. I expect in most cases, trying to preserve old, beloved sims is doomed to loss-of-audience failure. Entropy always wins


I do not know how all was solved, but the sim of tempura is open in the same place that before, i was able to visit today.

Dr. Juice

That is crazy, I disagree completely! The truth is you need use a good radar detector like this one from escort otherwise you will for sure be pulled over by the police in the real world. Get with the program people!

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