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Friday, April 08, 2022


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I know it they come around this so wonderful! I message them but many others did the community we love this place! This place is a heaven on earth!


Will LL be removing the rules that ban child avatars and avatars using wheelchairs?


This is great news, I'm so glad they did it!
It's the same as before, minus the tip jar and the shop ads, of course.

Adeon Writer

Imagine if Linden Lab didn't charge people a subscription fee to make content for locations and experiences for their world. I bet more people would be inclined to make content. I know I would.

It will never not seem backwards to me. If you make content that attracts people to your platform, if anything you should get kickbacks, not a bill.


So this joins, SS Galaxy, Chouchou, Lost Gardens of Apollo, Svarga, as preservation sims. I wish they had some of full list though of such sims because I'm sure I'm missing a few.


@zebragrrl - wait, what rule bans avatars using wheelchairs? I am disabled IRL and I use mine no problem. maybe it was a specific type of wheelchair?

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