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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


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Martin K.

Maybe the most interesting aspects of that essay are the things that Meta is doing today but Nick Clegg is not talking about.

For example, regarding "Economic opportunity — how we can give people more choice, and maintain a thriving digital economy."

The evolving metaverse crypto-scene is full of scams, fraud, rug-pulls, Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, bubbles without any real value, etc. What is Meta doing to protect their users? They just introduced NFTs on Instagram this month.

Or regarding "Equity and inclusion — how we can make sure these technologies are designed inclusively and in a way that’s accessible."

Contrast this with all the people who are excluded from using Horizon Worlds today:

  • To use Horizon Worlds, you need a Oculus Rift or Quest 2, but Meta still requires a Facebook account to use a Quest 2. In fact, they don't sell the Quest 2 in Germany, because bundling products in this way is probably unlawful in Germany.
  • Even Quest 1 users cannot use Horizon Worlds (unless they run the app on a PC)
  • Users outside Canada and the U.S. must not use Horizon Worlds.
  • Users below the age of 18 years must not use Horizon Worlds.

Is it fair to complain about these limitations of a beta version? Horizon Worlds has been announced in 2019. At the age of 2 years and a bit, competitor Rec Room has been available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, and PlayStationVR with a special COPPA-compliant "junior" mode for players under(!) the age of 13 years (and more platforms following soon after).

Or regarding "interoperability — the interconnectedness of standards, systems and applications that enable people to travel seamlessly between one part of the metaverse and another."

As always: It's actions, not words, that matter.


Far be it from me to say answer with "No one wants this", but, every no current VR enthusiast I've seen wants Facebook's version of the metaverse.

Facebook is considered an regretable alliance to speed up the VR hardware industry, and once it gets itself going, the assumption is that for all Facebook's hard work creating the industry, they'll then all simply ditch and buy hardware from more trusting companies.

Having Facebook own the infrastructure as well? I don't know anyone who actually wants that. Even know even Facebook employees who don't want that.

But Facebook is banking on VR being the future, because they have to. They know their regular social media site won't last another generation. They either find a new way to make money or they die. If it's not VR, they're doomed as a company.

Martin K.

The biggest mistake in Meta's vision for metaverse applications might be their bet on web3 as laid out by Meta here: https://medium.com/@skasriel/where-the-metaverse-can-take-fintech-a936e6bd6987

Contrast this with the down-to-earth approach of Valve: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/gabe-newell-interview-steam-deck-crypto . Quote: "... the actors that are currently in this NFT space, they're just not people you really are wanting to be doing business with. That doesn't say anything about the underlying technology, it's just a reflection of the people right now who are viewing it as an opportunity to rip customers off, or engage in money laundering, or other things like that."

The competing ideas about the role of web3 for metaverse applications might become one of the most controversial issues in the development of metaverse technologies in the coming years. With Meta and Valve at opposite ends, it will be interesting so see where other big players will position themselves and who will pay which price for the lessons to be learned about web3.

Luther Weymann

I don't know how many more decades of tech advancement it's going to take in order to have something approaching a real-life experience in a virtual world. But only then will people have something that lives up to the media and tech company hype of the current so-called Metaverse. We are a long way off from that day. Until then we will remain cartoon characters who mostly use a computer mouse to get any satisfaction at doing things and getting around in "The Metaverse".

Martin K.

I find it somewhat amusing how many gamers and journalists are waiting for VR versions of their favourite (usually single-player) flat-screen games that are "better" in the same sense that today's flat-screen games are better than the flat-screen games from a few years ago. My advice: if you enjoy the wait, then just keep waiting - it's unlikely to happen.

Martin K.

Just to elaborate why it is probably pointless to wait for VR games to become "better" than flat-screen games as long as you apply the same criteria as for flat-screen games:

  • continuous locomotion in VR is an unsolved problem for players who get motion sick
  • graphics in VR will always be worse than on flat screens because stereo rendering, higher frame rates, and larger field of view require considerably more rendering performance
  • controls for flat screen games allow players to perform complex actions with pre-canned animations with very little effort, while many full-body actions in VR (e.g. turning around, dodging, swinging melee weapons, etc.) may lead to considerable physical exertion
  • using other devices, eating, and drinking usually will be easier while playing flat-screen games

These differences are unlikely to change any time soon. What might change are expectations and priorities of players.


People who wouldnt spend a day in a world like secondlife telling people how great the metaverse is going to be.
To make it work there has to be a point to logging in
standing around talking to strangers dosent cut it.

why would people use vr when it has no functional purpose

Iggy 1.0

Stand around talking to strangers? Go to a bar.

Build your own sailing ship or replica of Tut’s tomb? That is what attracted me to virtual worlds and would get me interested in VR. Making your own content without needing a CS degree or off-world professional tools.

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