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Friday, May 20, 2022


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It's a lovely region.

Luther Weymann

Maybe we can get the Lindens to help out the struggling NCI school campuses. NCI has done so much for at least eighteen years to help newcomers and those wanting to learn scripting, building, and other skills through NCI teachers.


Love it, Long live Second Life!

Iggy 1.0

I wish them well, as well as consistent Linden policies going forward. That was what ended my school's involvement. The hardware requirements we handled and griefers or adult content rarely an issue (at least on our sim).


All power to them. I was part of the University of Texas System attempt that launched in 2009. That one hung on for a couple of years but couldn't sustain momentum and the university deans were a hard sell. Maybe that was ahead of its time and that this one will have greater longevity. I hope so!

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Back to school! (or rather: back for LL to support education & academia in SL — again)

Niela Miller

The turnout last Saturday for this SL Eduverse opening was great! Circa 80 educational entities showed up. We are hoping that many more educators discover this virtual plethora of representations, both academic and lifelong learning adult education and the great spirit of collaboration which has brought this about. Come to one of our quarterly gatherings! The next one is Wed. July 6. The contact person in SL IM is elli pinion.

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