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Tuesday, June 21, 2022


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Martin K.

At least it's going to be interesting how that's going to work out: the most common reason to spend hundreds of dollars on an NFT is probably the hope to sell it for a higher price. How many potential NFT owners would even want to play a specific game on Core? And how many of those people will spend hundreds of dollars to go to areas that are so exclusive that no one else is there? Or wear cosmetics that will probably make you an object of ridicule?

But maybe it's not about NFT owners actually using any of these features, but about Core receiving a share of the price of newly issued NFTs that include those features?


These CEO's are eventually going to realize that even thinking about supporting NFT's is PR suicide, right?

It is not worth any of the gains, how much they are hated.

They're never going sway anyone.

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