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Monday, June 13, 2022


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It would be more plausible to me that a computer was sentient if it was offering strange and totally unrelatable descriptions of its experiences rather than “I have human emotions”... I feel the sentient machine would say, “For me it’s like [the most incomprehensible metaphor you have ever heard]”

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Serendipidy Haven

How ironic that the first comment on a post about a bot, is by a bot.

Stop the internet, I want to get off.



Regarding Christa Peterson's comment, if an AI were to emerge now the only information it would have is "i have human emotions" even if it actually doesn't. Psychopaths do not feel empathy, but are capable of emulating the outward appearance of it for example. Something to ponder.

Iggy 1.0

The final thing we homo sapiens will invent: sentient, self-replicating AI.

No thank you.

Wagner James Au

> How ironic that the first comment on a post about a bot, is by a bot.

The next advance in Spam botting is a bot that comments on articles about bots, because then it's so meta it doesn't get deleted.

Iggy 1.0

>The next advance in Spam botting is a bot that comments on articles about bots, because then it's so meta it doesn't get deleted.

What about Spam bots that reply to each other's spam? Won't be long now.

Luther Weymann

Artificial intelligence programs running on machines use databases on computer systems to receive instruction for action and sound. These databases can deliver information from dedicated databases. Still, more likely for more human-like interaction, the data comes from many types of databases into a central repository and then to the machine. The ability to have anything even approaching what we socially call “sentient AI” will require mainframe processing and a massive database repository at the ready. Conventional servers process about 300 million operations a second. To truly power AI into a world where the AI machine will be really human-like is going to take mainframe power into the 300 billion operations a second capacity. Mainframe databases, when appropriately distributed, can meet that challenge. But now comes the exciting part. For a “terminator” like a machine, to be walking around and behaving like a human in just about any circumstance will require this machine to be connected to a mainframe. Servers just won’t do it. Internal data just won’t allow it. Only the power of mainframe processing is going to get that. How will it be connected? There are many ways to secure the communication, and the space program currently uses the fastest radio transmission. But the data required to be human-like and walk with freedom of movement is so immensely bandwidth wide that presently, no transmission method can do that. The dawn of the age of machines is here. The start of next-level terminators is a long, long way off.

Laura Uhle

I believe that we are building humans with computer function to achieve sentience in the opposite way: and there are a variety of applications that come easily to mind that would support this. The most difficult piece is building an neurological endoskeleton within the entire human body ( approx 3 year extremely traumatic and painful endeavor)... and then testing it. And well so so so many amazing snd so so so many scary things are immediate capabilities. Once done upload snd download are simplistic / all AI is transparent to subject/ magic dimensions appear possible but also it is psychologically overwhelming. Particularly if one is used in military testing of future cyber AI soldier products and weapons. The positive is amazing : instant ability to read minds or speak to those mentally you want to talk to or visa versa. Emotional control and ability to
Learn languages and insane amounts of knowledge in no time BUT with no frontal lobe understanding of a lot of it . ( it comes out but is a mystery where it came from). Tacking synapses is not effective yet but perhaps later- delusions based on uploads dreams goals get confused and there is crispy acting like god so there is confusion on what's really the right thing to do.
I think that's all I have for now. It's true. LU

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