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Monday, June 20, 2022


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Too late.

The internet has already defined it as a meaningless buzzword that can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Using it will at worst make you sound like a scam. At best, you'll sound corporate and entirely out of touch, you might as well be saying "Cyberspace" or "Information Superhighway" or "Dot Com".


Make no mistake - we will make what what people used to be called the metaverse - it just won't be called one.

Just like no one calls the internet cyberspace.

sirhc desantis

One of the joys of life is a satisfying clegg sometime after a hearty meal.

Martin K.

The confusion about the term "metaverse" reminds me of the confusion about the term "mixed reality": nowadays, the latter can mean anything from virtual reality (as in Microsoft's "Windows Mixed Reality headsets") to a broad definition of augmented reality (as in the academic definition of "mixed reality") to keying footage of VR users and compositing it with computer graphics (a popular meaning in the VR industry).

Is that a bad thing? It doesn't have to be if it reminds people to define technical terms that they are using - and exposing people who don't define them as ignorant or intentionally vague.


We can come up with any description or definition that we want. It wont matter. For once, because "We" is not a unified group and no one will manage to get all groups together to form a "We" that will agree on anything but the most basic level of definitions ... and also, because the corproations claiming to build it, will do it too and they are for sure more interested to create something they have full control over and that is in no way shared with others.

I fear that we might have to take the definitions as they develop and have to deal with a lot of them being guided by corporate marketing divisions.

Tom Boellstorff

Thanks for the shoutout! It really is worrisome how Meta and other folks are trying to set forth their surveillance capitalism model as "interoperability"... more to come!

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