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Wednesday, June 29, 2022


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I'm so so tired of seeing the word metaverse now, it's all buzz words, the words that excite media and people who make useless policies and make life complicated with their legislations and rules, I worked in the care sector for a while, mental health, and during my training I was actually taught "buzz words" to use in paperwork, reports and such, and all this fuss about the metaverse (gags) just sounds like the whole buzz word thing, everyone wants to be the next one to create the new buzz, frickin "meta-bs", that's all it is, a race to be next buzzword and who can trademark it.

Jan Hajek

I think this summarizes it: https://twitter.com/hajekj/status/1539516188002291715

Adeon Writer

Calling anything a Metaverse these days is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Any company with a reasonably in-touch PR team knows to avoid the term entirely, especially if they're on the bleeding-edge of VR or Virtual Worlds.

Summer Haas

The metaverse became cool? I must have missed the news article about when that happened.

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