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Thursday, June 23, 2022


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Cindy Suminski

you all are forgetting something....This is a CHOICE. you have the choice to stay a regular premium player or an extra premium player. so why get upset about this?

Summer Haas

In before all the texture upload bots for "discounted" rates cause LL to put a limit on how many free textures per month.


For anyone with a Linden ear they can whisper into, it would be a VERY desirable thing to add the ability to roll one (or more) avatar accounts under the umbrella of this new premium plus subscription. Few people want to have multiple premium accounts - but for someone with both a "business/store" avatar account and a "just me" avatar account - being able to to have the advantage of the extra groups and name changes would be great.

Also handy to be able to designate the secondary account to own the land, not double land, just a choice if both accounts were registered under a single membership. At the end of the day it doesnt matter which account we are using, we are still the same human behind our avatars.

I think this idea could bring a LOT of folks with a few accounts to the table for this new higher priced membership, especially if the name change is in there.

Iggy 1.0

Regular premium works for this Rip Van Winkle.

The Premium-Premium, I mean Premium Plus should lure some folks to the arid stretches of the Mainland (thank the gods it's not Super Premium, as I hate that *%&^ overused word "Super").

So while I'm not super-excited (#$%%^) I think it's a super (#%*^) move for LL to make.


So no animesh without premium plus

Luther Weymann

I have a free account.
I have a 2048 store in a private region for monthly rent.
I have product development that I upload textures at L$10 each.

Suppose I buy the $249/yr premium plus, move my 2048 store to the mainland, get the weekly stipend and sign-up bonus, and stop paying for texture upload. In that case, I spend about $100 a year for the premium. I already pay about $100 a year for the SL Market sales commission. So I would go from paying SL $100 a year to $200 a year, and I only gain more groups.


Full disclosure, I cashed out of SL a few months back. My account is still there if I want to go back, but I didn't think it made sense to leave money there I could be using elsewhere.

At least among the players I knew, I don't think Premium Plus would've been a good deal. Many rented land cheaply or off mainland so the land bonus doesn't mean much. They're not creators so free uploads wouldn't be enticing. It seems to me that the new plan attracts a certain kind of user but leaves out others.

$249 USD is $319.42 CAD at the current exchange rate, excluding tax and currency conversion charges. $32.06 per month at the limited time promotional price and $38.47 at the regular price. Ouch!

I understand that LL needs a way to bring in revenue, but if I were still active on SL, there's no way I'd pick this up. The cost is very steep when compared to other hobbies of mine and I personally feel that other hobbies provide me with more bang for my buck.


I'd gladly pay 249 usd a year on top of 1500 i currently pay for the sim, but only if SL was going forward in terms of technology. Paying this much just to keep this stagnant mess afloat is a bit eeh. SL needs to bring some real stuff to the table before asking for more money. Twisting residents arms with "pay up or we close" is a questionable business model.

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