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Thursday, July 21, 2022


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Adeon Writer

Second life needs to run a browser but it needs to not be cloud rendered.

The (ironically named) Cloud Party did it. And it had way better graphic capabilities than Second Life ever could achieve (custom shaders etc) so it’s totally possible. It’s just a lot of work. More work than Linden is willing to do. They will just do a cloud rendered solution. But you can’t provide that for free. People will not pay for it. It needs to be free. You can’t do cloud computing for free. It’s not a solution.


I used Cloud Party until it got cancelled. Better graphic capabilities? You're kidding right? https://modemworld.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/cp-26.jpg

Wagner James Au

In fairness, experienced creators could (and did) some really cool stuff on it:


Adeon Writer

> I used Cloud Party until it got cancelled. Better graphic capabilities? You're kidding right?

Absolutely. Even in your blank screenshot, a careful eye can tell. Would you like me to post ugly empty Second Life images, too? Since that's what most of mainland looks like.

Luther Weymann

Suppose you could run Second Life in a browser. In that case, you could have the following: One person with a Premium Account wants to have a company meeting with nine people who have never registered or been in SL. With a Premium Account, one person pulls down an SL menu in their viewer or goes to the SL website and logs in. They fill out the meeting form for a date and time ten-person meeting at a conference table with voice and “meeting chat” (not group). All the meeting names and email addresses are filled in, and they click the Ok button. SL sends emails with the date and time and a Click Here To Attend link. The group invitees click the attend link and are logged directly into a meeting virtually created on SL’s “meeting land” area, sitting in a chair at a conference table. No registration, no additional anything, just direct login. They are assigned androgynous avatars. They cannot get up to walk around at the SL-created conference table, cannot rez, and are restricted to only sit, voice, and chat during this meeting. At the end of the session, when the meeting organizer clicks an SL viewer button to end the meeting, the attendees get a popup encouraging them to register for SL. That’s one way of using a web browser to promote company and group voice and chat meetings in SL.


Absolutely. A careful eye can tell even in your blank screenshot. Do you want me to post awful empty Second Life photographs as well? Because it is how the majority of the mainland appears

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