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Wednesday, July 06, 2022


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Zack Day

As someone just getting into software development, I am curious to know what kind of skills a person should develop if they wanted to make things or test ideas in the metaverse?

Iggy 1.0

Every technology "bites back" in some manner. Smart phones led to distracted driving, a dumbing-down of some content to fit a small screen, and other unpredicted effects.

Ask him to speculate: what might be disrupted or improved socially if this technology finds a broad audience? (I'm not sure it ever will, but I've been wrong before!)

Adeon Writer

Why do CEO's trying to push NFT/Crypto as part of the Metaverse, even though there is so much resistance to it from the people who actually actively use VR / virtual worlds?

Martin K.

My question for him would be whether he intentionally chose to include "truthful hyperbole" in the subtitle to discourage critically thinking people from reading his book. (Because that's the effect the subtitle has on me.)

Valentina Kendal

Chartreux cat? Grey fur, zombie eyes? They're the best!


Close! Silver fur, green eyes, a Korat:


(Far as we can tell, that is; he’s a rescue.)

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