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Wednesday, July 13, 2022


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Martin K.

> Plus other Rec Room users will teach you how to build in real time.

For people who are not familiar with Rec Room or Horizon Worlds, the importance of this point might not be clear. Have a look at this page: https://recroom.com/class , it links to discord servers of dozens of classes that are taught live in VR. (Discord is typically used for scheduling classes and other asynchronous communication.) These are not videos but live classes in VR. How many such live classes about creating worlds are there in VRChat? In SecondLife? Supporting a culture of live teaching is probably reason enough to support live collaboration.

> Then again, Rec Room graphics are by design cartoonish and blocky, which can limit its appeal as a metaverse platform for broad demographics.

While that sentiment is not wrong, it can be said about any artistic style - including the best "realistic" graphics of SecondLife and VRChat. In fact, it is especially true for the best "realistic" graphics of SecondLife and VRChat because avatars in that style are deep inside the uncanny valley. That might not be obvious in still shots, but it's painfully obvious when you compare the pre-canned movements of avatars controlled by keyboard and mouse against motion-tracked avatars. Ask any VR player in Rec Room what they don't like about screen-mode/mobile players and you are likely to hear a rant about their robot-like appearance.

The sentiment that computer graphics should be ever more "realistic" to become more immersive has been called "the immersive fallacy" in the classic book "Rules of Play" by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman. It is simply not true that more "realistic" graphics are automatically more immersive. One reason more "realistic" graphics might be less immersive is the uncanny valley effect. Another reason is the development costs for more "realistic" graphics that leads to budget cuts in other areas and apparently resulted in less deep gameplay. Raph Koster argued that online virtual worlds reached their "peak complexity" in 1992-2003 (here: https://youtu.be/mKB09_XEr2g?t=26922 ).

And even the players who are attracted by more "realistic" graphics soon find out that they need a powerful PC to be able to enjoy those graphics - but only with other players who have access to powerful PCs, while players on low-end and mobile devices enjoy virtual worlds with less demanding graphics but populated by larger communities.

In any case, the commercial success and broad appeal of Nintendo Wii, Minecraft, and countless mobile games speaks for itself.

Iggy 1.0

Collaborative in-world creation was SL's special magic: consider Burning Life.

So yes, bring it back in a world optimized for creativity rather than photo-realism (and ever-greater GPU needs).

Seems to have worked for Minecraft. Bring on the Blockheads!


Why is it offline tools vs. in-world collaborative tools? Why can't it be both?

In Second Life we're able to preview textures before uploading them with local files; why not have some server-wide temporary cache where everyone can see our texturing progress everytime we hit Save in Photoshop?

Why not the exact same for mesh; the viewer sync'd for all as we save?

Sound and every other asset type?

Collaboration and real-time are largely contingent on how quick the feedback loop is. Linden Lab is the one that put upload fees and a global asset server inbetween a few people that just want to see what each other are doing.

It's a good thing that there's are huge open source projects like Blender, billion dollar companies like Adobe/Substance and etc. to give us quality tools that're always improving. That's more than Linden Lab or any single company can ever replicate. Support those, but better.

And don't forget that no matter what times have changed. A lot of socializing and collaboration for Second Life happens on a Discord server in voice chat with screenshare. This isn't a bad thing, and it might be ok that a virtual world isn't also where we choose to voice and see what each other are doing.

YadNi Monde

I do remember when it all started with a Cube, those days are long gone, but it was a lot of fun to work with Prims, with Friends around.
Sweet Memory: Teaming up with Lumiere Noir at a Co Op Building contest and winning a trophy with Him !!!

Cathartes Aura

A Virtual World with In-World Creation Tools using the latest 3D Objects. Residents working together. Creating together. Both In-World and Out-World.
Sounds like an awesome place. Where do I sign up? Smiles...

Reminds me of SL back in the fall of 2006 when I joined. A beautiful place with beautiful people creating some amazing things In-World. It was fu$king fun... Almost anyone could create very cool objects with just a little training.

And that's what is missing from this Barbie and Ken Dress-Up World that SL has devolved into.

Cheers to whoever can recreate the magic that existed in those early days of SL. And if they are successful. SL is road-kill. Stinky and slowly decomposing Road Kill. And that's beak licking goodness for this carrion eater... ;)

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