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Wednesday, July 27, 2022


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Martin K.

It's the same pattern over and over again: if you don't enforce reasonable rules in order to build a community faster and later find out that you have to enforce some reasonable rules, a part of your community will leave. That loss is just a long-term consequence of the faster community building due to the lack of reasonable rules. It applies to modding of online games just as well as to toxicity and IP infringement: you can be lax on rules for a while to build your community faster, but at some point the problems with an unruly community come back with a vengeance.


Your last line is probably right: when people really like something or are addicted, usually they protest for a while against the unwelcome choices, hoping the situation changes, but then they swallow it and stay, rather than to quit. Only a minority leaves.

In the meantime, however, in the past few days Neos VR daily user concurrency on SteamDB rose from 250-350 to above 1000, with a peak of 1400 on July 27th.
Maybe someone is having a look at alternatives to VRChat (and someone would still play both) and Neos is arguably close enough.
About a thousand aren't so many for VRChat, but a nice jump up for Neos.
If a good amount of them stay, that would be good news for Neos.

Wagner James Au

Good point! Reminds me of OpenSim seeing a little spike any time there was a big SL controversy.

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