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Tuesday, October 04, 2022


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Cloud service instead of a native port. I sleep.

Starfire “Star” Silverstar

Ok, LL, now if this is a real thing and you’re not just walking around “blind” like in the old days, then it would be worth it to me to pay for premium. Now we’re talking LL. Make it happen and I’ll pay.
If I can’t go in and play dress up on my land, do some shopping, maybe catch a concert or lecture all from the convenience of my iPad then I’m not paying extra. Period.
Get it going LL and I would love to dance on the grid again. Thanks! 😘
-Star ⭐️💫🔥

(woof, woof)

Allegory Malaprop

I'm unfortunately underwhelmed.

Third party viewer they are partnering with, not actually getting out the old web based viewer and working on it, or starting anew. Third party viewers have made SL a lot more bearable but...I'm not super keen on them promoing some other company with ???? security etc. And I say this as someone who uses a third party viewer regularly because they made the official unusable, but still.

Sadly, this isn't OnLive, or their short lived web based browser, and has a way to go before it gets that far. Stick figure avatars (with all the mesh and bodies and all now, I'll give you that avatars are probably a LOT worse) that you can sort of load selectively, but only partially.

This is a step up from Radegast back in the day (a text only viewer that stopped being text only)...but Radegast is also apparently dead now anyway, so not like that's an option.

Mobile as an option is key these days with the way people use their devices- computers are out, phones and tablets are in- so I really wanted to see a mobile viewer succeed (especially with Lumiya dropping off the face of the earth), and it's...something? but I'm not sure it's enough to bring back the people who have left because their computers broke, or to lure new users, or even all that useful for regular users on the go. Alternative to business bot maybe, but that is not the market I think they need to focus on when it comes to mobile.

Panster Moonshadow

It's stick figures. You can't see huds, you can't touch anything, you can text and sort of look at inventory. You can pay and get paid. 3D view is minimal.
I used Onlive, and it was miles ahead of this.


As an Onlive subscriber from start to finish my first reaction was cool, maybe Premium plus is finally worth paying for!
Then I read the full article and “Speedlight”which I’ve already tried and just sort of sighed.


Its not streaming which is good and bad. This is useful for a few things. Better it exists than not.


I think it's pretty handy. For a full SL experience I'm always going to be using one of the typical viewers on a PC. For mobile or even logging in via browser it's just going to be for the ability to be 'present' for chat and IM's.

Regarding the streaming idea - was that ever directly stated or implied? Or was it just assumed that "SL in a Browser" meant a streaming service? Nothing about this particular announcement led me to think streaming, so I was neither surprised nor disappointed by what I found when checking out speedlight.


Speed light sucks. It's the slowest possible connection, has only basic texture super and avatars are all prim dolls. This isn't an incentive


Uhm. No. Just no. I'll stick to Lumiya it still works to this day and does way more. And SL runs on a potato sooo .. why is this even a thing?

Loff Auer

It is a paid service... I see nothing becoming better or cheaper on SL, is all about - How can we grab more cash... A very bad path now that a big company can come and steal all SL users, with a more appealing and cheaper Metaverse... Servers cost has come down astronomically, LL is doing more profit now than before... They could lower all fees by half and therefore allow the "small fish" to rent full regions, so we get more content and a more thriving economy, but no, is all about - PAY PAY PAY, also LAG is still an horrible thing, that could be lowered with more server and RAM per land, but no, let´s squeeze the Goose of the Golden Eggs

Linn Darkwatch

Only available to those who can afford the pricey Premium Plus membership and is that limited? Even if it were a full experience I couldn't pay that much. Why bother even offering something that expensive and limited? I'd rather wait even longer for a proper web viewer.

[By the way, in response to Allegory, though the website is gone (for now?), the Radegast viewer is still available. The current build can be downloaded at Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/radegast.mirror/ ]

Scott Lang

It's bullshit to have to pay when firestorm viewer was fucking free

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