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Wednesday, December 21, 2022


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Very smart considering how poisoned of a word it is. No one else who knows what they’re doing in VR wants to be associated or wants to use it, shouldn’t expect Meta to either.

Mark Billinghurst

Great article, but I'm not sure it's true that "AR/XR applications are not even popular on the iPhone". Tell that to SnapChat who have over 350 million daily active users of AR lenses. Not to mention Facebook camera, Google maps live view and all of the other mobile AR applications.

Given that there are over 1 Billion AR capable mobile phones, it's clear that the mobile AR users dwarf VR users for now.

However, you're right that HMD based AR is lagging far behind VR HMD uptake. I suspect that will change over the long term.

Martin K.

It's been an interesting year in AR/VR/XR. And I feel that Andrew Bosworth is lagging behind with his processing of 2022. Let me give some examples:

As we reported in our Q3 results this October, daily active users on Facebook were at an all-time high, with positive engagement trends.

This is the one time that Facebook was mentioned. And I'm sure that it is true in some sense; but try to find the 4(!) most recent episodes of Bosworth's own podcast on its Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/boztothefuturepod ), and it feels as if he hasn't looked at the Facebook page of his own(!) podcast for about half a year. Or worse: he has looked at it and just doesn't care about it.

The good news is that in the long run, we think 2022 will be remembered as a year when foundational pieces of technology enabling our vision for the future made their way into the hands of developers and users for the first time.

As untrue and cringeworthy as this sentence is, it's almost comical in its limited horizon where "developers and users" is meant to mean "developers and users on Meta platforms". And given this year's leaks of Meta Quest 3, I'm wondering: what will people actually remember of the Meta Quest Pro once Meta releases a Meta Quest 3 that is superior in many ways at a fraction of the price of the Quest Pro just 12 months later?

giving you a glimpse of the future AR vision we’re building for.

Which is illustrated by a video that mainly shows orbiting and bouncing balls and virtual indoor plants. Really? That's the "future AR vision" you are building for? This is almost worse than the AR demo of Beat Saber in Zuckerberg's keynote ( https://youtu.be/hvfV-iGwYX8?t=3197 ). The current winter storm in the US should remind everyone how important AR (including "conformal head-up displays") is for air planes to land safely in low visibility conditions. There are excellent examples of uses of AR technology today. Why is Meta unable to show off some decent examples? And why are Zuckerberg and Bosworth apparently unaware of how cringeworthy their examples are?

It won’t be long before a VR headset is capable of emulating a powerful home computer setup, from a device that fits in a backpack and can be used anywhere. The journey toward that type of device took a big step forward with Quest Pro this year.

Keyword: "emulating"; not actually being a powerful computer setup, but "emulating" one. The difference might be that the emulation does not offer all the software that makes a computer setup actually useful. For example, productivity software by Microsoft. Wait? Why is Microsoft not mentioned at all? Did Bosworth forget about one of the biggest announcements in Zuckerberg's Connect 2022 keynote? Or is that no longer part of Meta's future?

And 2022 was a great year for VR developers. We saw game developers continue their incredible streak of innovation that is shaping the future of their industry. Social experiences became the most popular apps on the Quest Store, ...

Yeah, no, most of 2022 has been marked by the declining interest in the idea of the "Metaverse" and with that declining interest in metaverse apps, like Rec Room: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&q=%2Fg%2F11f3mbzk_k . (Most of 2022's decline in the graph is a seasonal effect, but year-over-year interest also fell, which is uncommon for Rec Room.)

It’s not often you get to witness a whole new form of self-expression and community building emerge on a platform, and the ways creators worked their magic on Horizon Worlds this year was a thing to behold. We’re going to spend 2023 focused on helping this community flourish.

The actual alarming sentence is the second one. Or rather, that the second sentence does not mention work on improvements of Horizon Worlds itself. Is Bosworth not aware of what creators in Horizon Worlds think of its product quality? See this discussion for background: https://www.facebook.com/groups/horizonwaffles/posts/2302319146588258/

Meta is far from the only company working on pushing the boundaries here, and we expect to see new competitors joining us in building for AR and VR next year.

Is it arrogant or ignorant not to mention other AR/XR devices that are on the market? Like Varjo XR-3, Tilt Five Glasses, Pico 4, etc.? Or is it just a cheap attempt to manipulate readers into thinking that Meta was leading the market of AR/XR devices?

I guess, Bosworth has to present a very biased view of reality. But at some point, one really has to wonder whether some of the omissions are deliberate or whether he actually doesn't know what's going on.

Adeon Writer

“ One wonders how Horizon Worlds' community feels when they only rate a single sentence.”

There is no community to feel it! Honestly. No one’s using it.

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