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Thursday, January 26, 2023


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Martin K.

I haven't heard any stories about harpsichord-playing robots in the 19th century; but there was a famous chess-playing robot hoax in the late 18th century: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mechanical_Turk

> ChatGPT is mostly just giving you back a collection of Google search answers in readable text.

Yeah. And maybe that could have a positive effect in education: in the future, you might not be able to pass an assignment by handing in a collection of Google search answers in readable text, because that answer could be generated automatically and is therefore worthless.


The magic of ChatGPT comes in that it's a two-way conversation - if you want it to go in detail about one of it's responses, you just need to ask it to elaborate.

Brad Templeton

A number of people have posted reactions of this sort. I am afraid this has a serious misunderstanding of what ChatGPT is. You may have heard it called a large language model. It only knows language. It knows no facts at all. It only knows things that are sensible and probable language. Not knowing any facts, it's very impressive that it still says correct facts. It is not in any way a failure that it gets some things wrong and makes stuff up. That is what it is supposed to do.

It's answers are amazing, and only viewed as useless because you thought it was something that it isn't.

Wagner James Au

> famous chess-playing robot hoax in the late 18th century

Thanks! Maybe I was thinking about the Mechanical Turk all along, or read a fictional story where it was turned into a harpsichord player.

Funny that Amazon has an human-powered automation system called... Mechanical Turk.

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I read both books of chatGPT, ChatGPT can be used for tasks including writing emails, scripts, and social media copy, and the sign-up to do so is seamless, requiring just an email, phone number, and first and last name.

Ravelli Ormstein

First, I asked ChatGPT to write a LSL script that would turn on a light when the sun went down. It wrote a nice script, but it didn't work because the AI was using an LSL function that didn't exist. So I complained about it. The AI apologised and fixed the script by using another non-existent function. This went on until I specifically asked for a script that only used existing functions. The script was usable and in the style we usually write them, with a 300 second timer. The AI kept apologising for making mistakes until I asked it never to apologise again.

Then I asked it to optimise an SQL statement (code for connecting to a database). The result looked clever and inspiring, but it didn't work.

Later I asked it to write a Christmas poem using eight specific words. The result was a soulless set of short sentences using those eight words. But no real story, no rhyme and no Christmas feeling. The same thing happened when I asked for song lyrics.

When I asked it to write short stories, I got better results. I tried it a few times, asking for changes each time. The resulting stories were all of the same length and complexity. Their level was that of a primary school pupil. Only one of the stories had a remarkable ending, which made me save it. So somehow the same story pattern was used every time.

Overall, the results weren't very good. This AI really seems to be just a word processor: it produces correct texts linguistically, but the statements are wrong.

(I used the Deepl Write AI to optimise this comment)

Nodoka Hanamura

I have to agree with Ravelli. As someone who has used AI to write short stories, it often needs constant redirection and does not have factual knowledge, and while the first three statements are more than valid, ChatGPT cannot be trusted as an authority on anything, and anyone who does will at best be sorely dissapointed, or at worst, could get themselves or others hurt.

Rosie Helendale

So basically its like a search engine. I can see how this could be used as an aid or startimg point for a project you are working on but google does that already.

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