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Wednesday, January 04, 2023


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Kate Nova

It's sad to see Siddean leave SL. And her reasons just make it all sadder. I commented about this over on Inara Pey's blog. Since you've brought up Render Cost in your article, let's think about that for a moment.

I've always been confused on Polygons, Render Cost, and everything lag inducing. I'll read one article that Legacy or some other body has 10x more polygons or ARC or Complexity than Lara or some other body. And then the next article I read says that those numbers are entirely meaningless. That the LL this or that number has been famously unreliable and uncoordinated with actual performance for X years now.

As avatars we're constantly told that we need to care about these things. And equally frequently told that the numbers don't mean anything and that there's pretty much no way to know. SL is a magical world with shit performance. If I knew with certainty that this brand of body or that brand of clothing made a real difference, I'd use those brands. But all I can ever find on these seemingly critical topics is the opposite of clarity.

Aaliay Nirvana

I can say it truly sad story about Siddean,I hope she be well and that she'll come back one day. When she feels she's ready she is a great Creator love her work always may peace, love, Harmony to be with her.


What's with the "And the Market's Uncertain Future" part of the title that is never mentioned in the article. Just clickbait?

Valentina Kendal

Thank you Siddean for all you created and gave to SL. We wouldn't be the beautiful avatars we are today without you paving the way back in the day. So sorry for your losses and your difficulties. Best of luck in RL future endeavors.

scoundrel clarity

You want less lag in SL? Update your damn computer!!!!


The problem here is that she pulled a body off of the market that could've benefitted new users, with a massive base of supported clothing. She could've stuck it up there for cheap on the marketplace and let new users have a body as a base that has literally millions of clothing items that function with it. Removing it is a really strange choice. It's a bit selfish. You don't make something with such a profound impact on a market and then remove it so fast. Sure, it wasn't trending among the popular bodies but I know plenty of people who used it. And plenty of new users would've been grateful to have a body that had SO MANY supported items off the bat for cheaper than the mainstream bodies that are currently on the market. I understand the need to move on but leaving it on the market for passive income or as a contribution to the game seems like a much better idea. It's just a sad waste. I think about all of the designers who poured their time into making items for it and because she pulled the body completely, it's useless. It's pretty demoralizing and depressing.


Siddean doesn't owe anyone else a damn thing. If the new user bodies aren't already adequate, it's a Linden Lab problem, not hers. Her contribution to the ongoing SL experience as a whole is already vastly more than 98% of other users. Aside from building and maintaining her own brand, she has supported countless other content creators over the years by generously sharing her knowledge, time, and skills. Whatever she chooses to do with her assets going forward, the only feeling we should be left with upon her exit, is gratitude.


The minute she removes her contribution from the world it becomes irrelevant essentially so who cares in the long run, literally all the benefits of her optimization disappear anyways as fewer and fewer people create for it people will just stop using the bodies so yeah it is selfish and impacts the market

And to be honest in the last few years slink use has been trending down anyways I doubt any new users in the last 3 years would be using it much


@Katykat "You don't make something with such a profound impact on a market and then remove it so fast."

Ouch! I'm reminded of my old TMP body and the $5,000L it cost me, not to mention the speed with which it disappeared (only to be replaced after a suitable mourning period by the remarkably similar $5,000L Legacy body for which TMP purchasers got zero relief).

PS. I sometimes wonder if there's not a private invite, Davos-style SL event where the economic elites gather to hobnob whilst divvying up virtual life.


I do kind of wonder myself what makes a body "optimized"? I read a lot of conflicting articles and feel no more sure then before. I use to hear all kinds of stuff on how bad Maitreya was, and how much lag it caused. So much that I avoided it for quite some time. Then the body I had liked, Kalhene Analexa, stopped getting support about a little over a year ago and I suddenly needed a new one, since it had used Maitreya clothing and many of my favorite stores mostly created for Maitreya by this point, I ended up getting it, but the numbers (if you can even trust them, which yes, no? I don't even know this point), don't seem to be the huge lag inducing amount people say they are. The script using is only 160kb, not even close to the near 700kb ish that my latest version of Analexa had, or the 900 ish kb of Altamura Juliet. I'v yet to notice any lag while wearing the body, any more or less then other bodies. The only thing I notice, is the triangle count given is a bit higher [176.37k with out head] then a few bodies like ruth, or Analexa, both if I recall right were around 80k ish, but still by no means the highest I've encountered. That honor goes to Altamura Juliet which was nearly 300k. So I mean I'm completely confused, while I'm sure it's not the most optimized body, it's certainly not the worst, nor does it seem to be the lag monster everyone warned me it was. So I'm genuinely confused.

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