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Monday, January 23, 2023


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George Djorgovski

What I would find useful would be their estimates of the actual non-bot, non-afk concurrency for SL as a whole, sampled at least daily if not hourly. My guess is that the true concurrency may be a factor of 2 lower than the numbers published by LL. Also, a searchable database of the true (i.e., non-bot) traffic for the sims.


I find your article a bit contradictory. You recommend the Book "Surveillance Capitalism" but at the same time agree with using Boonie pages as a data resource to determine buyers' behavior and therefore designers' creation and rigging.

I agree with ban lines making the SL experience less enjoyable, but on the other hand, SL is positioned as an adult playground where having unexpected visitors might make everyone's experience even less enjoyable than having bans around.

I am pro the use of anonymous data, nevertheless, this should be gathered under specific parameters such as only looking at public regions and events for example. Private regions should be off the equation as well as blinded and ban-lined ones.

It would basically give the residents the right to decide if they want their data gathered or not (just like regular digital marketing does nowadays or pretends to). But then we'd face a tech issue to classify these areas, and also the same issue "Surveillance Capitalism" states about people rejecting surveillance practices once they acknowledge them.

I for example, now expect plenty of regions to ban a bunch of bonnie's, which is sad as I've been finding great events and regions thanks to their site for the past month.

Myra Loveless

Privately owned isn't private access. When talking about an area being public or private, you're not talking about ownership. There are no publicly owned sims, unless some government is paying for a sim.

Private vs public is a question of access, and conflating it with ownership is, well, conflation. Remember, a word can have multiple meanings.

If a sim is private access, nobody can go to it. Your local bar is a public place. It's privately owned, but it's a public place. In America there's something called "The Moose Lodge." It's basically a bar, except it's private. You have to be a member of the lodge or be escorted by a member of the lodge to go there. That's private.

So if access is public, then it's public and the Bonnies can go there. Much like a public bar, a privately owned sim can choose to ban the Bonnies. Some have even done this. Of course you can always go the Moose Lodge route by restricting access to a group.

Der Krampus

There have been two or three Linden posts on the official forums about the bots not being against TOS.

Two of the most vociferous posts against Bonnie Bots on that reddit thread are the moderators who have locked your Reddit thread shortly after one of their own posts were locked on the Linden forums.

They may be gung-ho about privacy but I guess this shows but you can see where they stand on the free exchange of ideas.

Hilde Gynoid

They had nothing on their profiles until a few months ago, so I had no idea who was running the bots and what information they were collecting.
These bots may be useful because Second Life has developed through the free creation of content by users. However, if the identity is not clear, people will be suspicious.

Moloch Redgrave



The fact that people are upset by this should be enough on its own.

There has been an expectation of privacy with SL data remaining inside SL, if you look at the LL KB articles, they actually state that you can restrict where your information is seen.

Whether this is or isn't technically a breach of privacy, a growing portion of the userbase feels it is as they find out about the BB site. LL in failing to respect this expectation of privacy constitutes a breach of trust in the company and the platform.

This is an expectation LL have themselves reinforced publicly and are on the record many times saying proudly, that they do not and will not sell our data.

That statement is meaningless if the only reason they have for not selling our data is because they think it worthless, and literally anyone can have it all should they put in a little technical effort.


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This system is invasive and the creator Discord in SL is rude when questioned about the bots constantly repeated daily hourly coming to private sims. If you find it occupied after multiple visits there is no valid reason to keep visiting so often. I was told to "f off" by Discord. Amazing how "kind" this person is in interview with Linden labs.


if these bots, their owner, their website and what they're being used for is so innocent, why don't they explain what they're doing and what data they're collecting honestly, instead of closing their bots profiles to bock other residents from finding out what they're being used for and why they seem to be spying on and following people around the grid and refusing to offer any explanation. also, why do they have the right to collect and publicly display what other residents are earning and selling on the marketplace? I wasn't informed about my data being collected by these bots and I bet many others weren't either and I'm sure none of us were given the option for our data to be displayed on their website or not. Plus I'm sure I'm not the only one that's tired of having bots randomly landing on them in random regions. They claim the bots aren't tracking us but they seem to know my exact coordinates far too often to be coincidence.

Isabelle cheren

I have concerns!!! The huge one is why we need to opt out and the second one this site knows whether we are premium or premium plus. That’s information that isn’t displayed on our inworld profiles yet bonnie bots has it. Let’s discuss at the next video!!!


@ Isabelle cheren. I saw that as well. We don't even have that information available to us in world. This seems like a security leak to me. Who else would have that information aside from LL or Tilia. This is concerning for sure !!

Bekks Heartsong

As people opt out, the data will become more incorrect. May we please have all the names of the bots involved so we may accurately ban and block? My membership is my business, not the business of anyone viewing that website. Linden Labs needs to do something about that ASAP, definitely a breach of privacy there.


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My issue isn't so much with them collecting statistics, I actually think know what bodies are often used and things like that are interesting and helpful. My issue is with posting profiles, while I wouldn't call a profile in SL private per say, there are settings that allow you to have only friends see something, or just second life, so posting profiles on a site where the whole world can see, seems a bit much.

Lala Nana

see updates also here:

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