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Tuesday, January 31, 2023


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If Bonnie stuck to land and didn't seem to take great joy in collecting every single bit of data about the people on the land, this would all have gone down very differently.

Tyche has been providing grid statistics for years and never once decided to breach everyone's privacy just because she could or there was an LSL function that allowed it. Never once decided that everyone _really_ needed to know just how popular a bodily fluids system was.

Tyche is demonstrably trusted, picked a specific broadly useful dataset (how big is Second Life) and diligently stuck to it, for years.

Does anyone trust bonnie & co not to publish a list of commonly visited locations next to every avatar? Or typical online times? Or username & display name changes? Or literally anything else they can scrape up and think they can get away with?

So long as there is one person left in SL yet to find out their profile (and now, avatar online status) is being scraped and dumped on a website, I very much doubt it.

The concerned resident

The thing is that residents are starting to trip over bots. Everybody and their mother are running bot networks these days for every reason they see fit.

Some are good bots, other are spy bots, others farm data for unknown reasons.

Bot owners need to ask for consent, they cannot grab data just because it is available to grab or is public data.

There also seems to be a misconception of what exactly is Personal Data at Linden Lab as it goes much further than a RL name, address, email or IP address.

When you touch a vendor in Second Life and that is tracked that is personal data. Your Inventory in world is personal data, your teleport history is personal data. Your whereabouts in the metaverse or virtual world is personal data.

If you are wearing attachments that is personal data and should not be scanned or put on a website without consent.

At Linden Lab their are scratching their head now over this issue. I am sure they'll be having a lot of meetings.

I found out there are bots in world teleporting around to measure the height of your avatar. Imagine you find a bot in your house bothering you because some little data scraper finds it interesting to know the height of your avatar and make a statistic about this.

What about dark bots, used for marketing purposes, used to listen in on voice chat conversations, record these and then transcribe these for all kinds of purposes or to target certain vulnerable individuals?

A hard no against any type of bot that is being used to farm data. The grid survey bot is useful because Linden Lab no longer wanted to publish their region stats.

Linden Lab should produce economic statistics again like before. Useful information about the in world economy and data that respects the privacy of residents.

Also the grid survey bot doesn't need to teleport around anymore for its stats.


its just bots collecting info thats basically public . i think its really cool to know what attachments and bodies are popular since those stats are so hard to find otherwise

Luther Weymann

I'm a cartoon character in a server-based wireframe application connected to a database. Everything about me in this software program is a fantasy except for my money and human emotions. No bot collecting data can touch my money or feel my human emotions. So, your bots, you data collectors, you can have anything else that you can harvest. Because it is not my data, it is my cartoon characters’ data which is worthless and meaningless.


Luther Weymann, that's very shortsighted. User activity and what they do inworld (where, when, what, with who) is definitively user-data.

Lots of polarized comments under these articles, pitchfork or it's all fine, only a few tried to look at the whole picture to get a less biased view (like Tyche). Welcome to the Internet.

Luther Weymann

Now I know I'm shortsighted and not allowed to have an opinion that does not suit Redacted. Where would my life be without Redacted telling me off and welcoming me to the internet after nearly 40 years of using it?

gorilla tag

My lack of long-term thinking has made it clear that I am not welcome to express any views that do not align with Redacted's. What would I do if, after over 40 years of using the internet, Redacted scolded me and welcomed me?

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