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Wednesday, February 15, 2023


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That first still image is confusing. Clouds and shadows seem to be turned off in Firestorm there so how is that an equal comparison. Am I wrong?

Nodoka Hanamura

This is... interesting, but how do we implement client-side LSL execution, how do we handle scripts, period? Is this just using Unity as a rendering engine while leaving the remainder of the LL TPV code intact? What's more, it begs the question as to what performance difference there is when we're.. y'know, running Unity, on top of the SL viewer. What performance gains are there to be had compared to something like Alchemy, which is infamous for cutting the fat of most viewers and improving performance across the board.

And.. finally, will this viewer's SL TPV and Unity source code be publicly available? I understand ego and other possibly legal factor may obstruct this, but, to not make this technology open source like other TPVs poses risks on various vectors - What if Linden Lab finds the viewer's closed source nature to be too much of a risk, and bans it from the grid? What if the source code includes, at one point or another, a dangerous exploit? What if the creator dies or abandons the project? As nice as Crystal Frost is, until answers to these questions are handled, I doubt the future of this project beyond its' initial development stages.

Don't get me wrong, as someone who's said converting SL's viewer over to unity would be a nightmare, I am more than willing to eat crow when proven right, especially if it results in massive improvements, but as a TPV it introduces just as much problems as it solves, which for the most part can be solved easily. It just requires knowing what the developer's plans are for it once it's out of initial development.

Nodoka Hanamura

Addendum - I joined their discord and I'm pleased with the results of a search on the matters relating to Open Source:

"Well, this is not currently open source and won't be open source until I feel it's ready for general public consumption... Until it is ready for public consumption, I will be giving weekly code snapshots to patrons at a certain level..."

"I just don't want to end up with a bazillion people contributing with no control over code style or quality, nor do I want a bunch of poor quality forks that people blame me for."

Suffice to say I'm more than satisfied with this approach, as it ensures that both code transparency and TPV compliance are met, and that we don't have forks of it that end up being buggy messes.

That being said, reading over the article again, I am genuinely excited for what this means for SL. Hell, if the code were to be stable enough and LL were to dish out the cash to Unity for a enterprise license, I bet you that if this project progresses well enough in 2-3 years, LL might just adopt it in lieu of the main viewer. Emphasis on might.

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