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Monday, March 06, 2023


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Sarrah Nitely

I personally believe that VR for SL will never take off, it's a virtual life existence, people log on stay for hours doing what they do, get up make tea/coffee, wander off to take care of RL stuff. Honestly who wants to be wearing a VR headset all day? I see VR for games where you play for an hour maybe two and then go back to doing stuff but I, for one, will never sit with a sweaty headset on for an 8 hr stretch, even if you were to say I’ll do 1 hr of VR and go back to the screen, you know the natural thing to happen, headset off, SL off and back to RL, so I see more harm than good and this is why Sansar never took off.

Dana Moore

This is overall very exciting news and expands the possibilities for web based and mobile experience based UIs. That said I am well aware of just how daunting a task this is. Certainly if the LL staff were to undertake it would need at least 12-18 calendar months

Also agree with your comments on inventory management!
Great column and great reporting

Dana Moore’s


Sarrah, yes, Sansar was a flop, but that's not why.
VR in SL may be nice, sometimes.
If VR was the reason, VRChat would have ended the same way. Instead, VRChat is comparable to SL in terms of online users now, since a while. Even better, in SL you have a load of AFKers and bots, while in VRChat you see plenty of active people as soon as you log in. Also you could use both VRChat and Sansar in desktop-mode, so VR in SL won't be mandatory either, but something nice to have.

Sansar instead never took off for a multitude of reasons:
- announcing it as a "beta" and launching it when in fact it was essentially a tech demo.
- stating 5-10 Mbps as system requirements, when in fact that resulted in 30-minute download times per "experience", except few. In 2017 most people were still using A/DSLs, so Sansar turned off a load of potential users. Reasonable download times in Sansar were limited to the few having 100-300+ Mbps back then. VRChat rooms were ready way faster and it was accessible to many more users.
- VRChat had a loading bar already. Sansar nope, despite it was the most requested feature in the pre-launch phase by the early testers and pretty easy to implement. Therefore, after the public launch there were people who thought the client was keeping to froze, while in fact it was still downloading and downloading several minutes later. Therefore losing further users.
- almost no interaction, robotic walking, uncompelling avatars,... They added some of the missing features only way later. But who tried it before didn't come back.
- a series of bad decisions, poor communication, misleading marketing language, eroded trust in Linden Lab and their half-baked product.
- a wider feedback may have helped the Lab to see what was going wrong. Several people saw these and other issues since the very beginning, but as if this weren't enough, some fangirl was systematically dismissing every concern, "it's fast", dishonestly glossing over her network speed, computer specs, "it's right", justifying the Lab in a biased way, "it's ready" insisting Sansar was good as it was at the public launch (everyone can see how that was wrong now)...
- and several other issues.

Because of these reasons, the launch was a flop, and screwing up the launch can be a disaster that you can hardly recover from.


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