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Monday, March 13, 2023


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Iggy 1.0

Coherent and clear, yes. And now the NYT reporter and his wife can sleep peacefully in their bed, knowing that Sydney the AI is not coming for their marriage.

The "prompt leading" concept is fascinating. I've used ChatGPT for a research project, and it's always succinct and neutral in long chat sessions about its potential for student plagiarism.

No creepy rabbit holes...yet. I did ask it about the NYT piece, but OpenAI limits that Chatbot's access to (when I asked) Sept. 21, 2022. So the AI said "I have not read that yet."

FWIW, it said that it gets asked several times a day to open the pod-bay doors.


It's worth noting that the "algorithm" in artificial neural networks is often misunderstood as referring to the neural network itself. In fact, the algorithm is the software that runs a simulation of a neural network, which is a model inspired by natural neural networks. Like all neural networks, this simulated network doesn't operate according to a rule-based algorithm (like "if...then...else"), and it's trained through exposure to data, rather than being explicitly programmed with a series of instructions. This means that the network learns to recognize patterns and make predictions by adjusting its internal parameters, rather than being explicitly programmed what to do.
On the other hand, inspired doesn't mean it's the same. Human neurons are impressive:

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